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Women's Skis

Volkl Blaze 106W Skis - Women's 2024
The Blaze 106 W is a light, agile powder ski that is constructed with maneuverability in mind. The thin Titanal Binding Platform underfoot harnesses power with little effort, creating an incredibly enjoyable and dynamic turning experience, immediately from initiation. In narrow terrain and/or rough conditions their reaction time is impressive, especially for a powder-width ski. Their full-length Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore and overall design target short-turn-oriented skiers, but the sidecut’s three-radius technology adapts to almost every riding style. In addition to ripping around the resort, the Blaze 106 W’s also transition into capable freeride touring skis because of their lightweight, yet powerful nature. With the addition of the Suspension Tip, a rubbery, shock-absorbing material on the tip and tail edges, the Blaze 106 W rides high through pow, crud, and wind-buffed snow with playful power. Details: - Tip width: 146 - Waist width: 106 - Tail width: 128 - Sidecut radius center: 0 - Binding plate premounted: no - 3D Radius Sidecut - Suspension Tips & Tails - Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore 1 - Tip & Tail Rocker - Titanal Binding Platform - Base P-Tex 2100 - Recommended binding: 7933U1.MB KINGPIN 13 100-125MM BLACK/RED;7831T1.CW KINGPIN MWERKS 12 100-125MM BLACK/RED;7550U1.EB DUKE PT 12 125MM BLACK/RED;7524U1.GJ GRIFFON 13 ID 110MM ANTHRACITE/BLACK/RED
Volkl Blaze 86W Skis - Women's 2024
The Blaze 86 W builds on what the other models are known for lightness, versatility, and agility. Because there is no Titanal, the ski is a bit sprightly and also a bit lighter. The Blaze 86 W is designed for quick, tight turns, although the sidecut's three different radii also master demanding terrain, speed, and long, drawn-out curves. Suspension tips and tails give the ski composure, increase flotation and protect the ski off-piste. The Blaze 86 W is a great ski touring option for backcountry ladies who are happy to accept 100 g of extra weight in exchange for a much-improved skiing experience. Built around a light, high-performance, full tip-to-tail wood core, it can handle ascents and makes descending a pleasure (except if the snow is too deep). A highly versatile technological setup that gives the Blaze 86 W an intuitive feel and an unusual level of creativity. Details: - Tip width: 129 - Waist width: 86 - Tail width: 111 - Sidecut radius center: 10 - Binding plate premounted: no - Tip & Tail Rocker - Full Sidewall - Suspension Tips & Tails - 3D Radius Sidecut - Base P-Tex 2100 - Multilayer Woodcore Light 1 - Recommended binding: 7424S1.MA SQUIRE 11 ID 90MM WHITE;7524U1.GE GRIFFON 13 ID 90MM WHITE;7733U1.MA KINGPIN 10 75-100MM BLACK/RED
Volkl Blaze 94W Skis - Women's 2024
The Blaze 94 W is what we like to call "sporty". It delivers on many levels, but it is made for the high-octane delight of a skier that loves to turn on a dime, in every type of terrain. The 0.3mm thick layer of titanal across the binding platform creates an impressively direct power transfer from skier movement to ski action. Keeping the titanal only under the foot creates an incredibly fun and responsive turning experience, immediately from initiation, with little effort. Although it is designed with short turn radius goals, the 3D Radius Sidecut and Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore significantly enhance the ski's liveliness and maneuverability for any turn shape. At only 1427g (@ 165cm length) and with the addition of the Suspension Tip and Tail (basically a rubbery "bumper" for whatever the ski comes in contact with), it is a fantastic touring ski as well. Regardless of resort skiing glory, off-piste endeavors, or backcountry objectives, the Blaze 94 offers an incredibly wide range of use in all conditions. - tip width: 134 - waist width: 94 - tail width: 116 - sidecut radius center: 11 - binding plate premounted: no - recommended binding: 7933U1.MA KINGPIN 13 75-100MM BLACK/RED;7831T1.CS KINGPIN MWERKS 12 75-100MM BLACK/RED;7550U1.ES DUKE PT 12 100MM BLACK/RED;7524U1.GF GRIFFON 13 ID 100MM WHITE
Volkl Flair 7.2 Skis + VMotion 10 GW Bindings
$359.99 $449.99 20% Off
The Volkl Women's Flair 72 Skis with V-Motion 10 GW Bindings is the perfect set up for the beginner skier who wants to feel like cruising the slopes in the exact same way a pro feels while ripping the steeps. With a 72mm wide underfoot, the Flair 72 is a beginner ski focused on easy handling and support and includes V-Motion Bindings tailored especially for this pair of skis. The twin tip rocker that not only makes a seamless turn initiation, but also allows you to more easily drift, slide, and pivot as you master downhill skills. The Composite Core provides a soft, smooth flex, and the Center Sidewall reduces weight while keeping stability in the middle of the ski. The perfect companion to begin a lifelong love affair with skiing.
Volkl Flair 72 Skis + Vmotion 10 GW Bindings - Women's 2024
A ski for the fun-loving woman who is recently excited about skiing and wants the right tool to help begin her adventures as a real skier. The joy a recently started skier feels cruising the slopes is the same exact joy a pro feels while ripping the steeps, and the Flair 72 keeps that truth in mind. At 72mm wide underfoot, the Flair 72 is a beginner ski focused on easy handling and support. The tip rocker not only makes for seamless turn initiation, but also allows the skier to drift, slide, and pivot as they master their downhill skills. The Composite Core provides a soft, smooth flex, and the Center Sidewall reduces weight while keeping stability in the middle of the ski. For added riding comfort, the vMotion1 Binding delivers a comfortable connection with the snow and is compatible with GripWalk soles, a rubbery sole on many boots, or added to boots that make walking easier and more enjoyable. The Flair 72s are the perfect companion to begin a lifelong love affair with skiing. Details: - Dimensions: 123-72-104 - Sidecut Radius Center: 9.4 - Composite Core - Base P-Tex 2100 - Center Sidewall - Tip Rocker - Binding Plate Premounted: Yes - Type of Premounted Binding: Vmotion 10 GW
Volkl Flair 79 Skis + IPT WR XL 11 TCX GW Bindings - Women's 2024
A ski for the fun-loving woman who is looking for a sporty, playful, fatigue-free day exploring the entire mountain, in all conditions. If you’ve recently discovered the unrivaled exhilaration of skiing, then the Flair 79 may be your ticket to freedom. The construction is a combination of ease and stability. The 3D.Ridge technology and Center Sidewall significantly reduce weight across the length of the ski, while keeping the power underfoot, where a thin layer of steel adds strength. Each turn is easily initiated, without sacrificing grip, thanks to the extended tip and tail rocker. Power transfer is prioritized by the iPT Wideride binding system; plus the GripWalk compatibility brings a different level of ski boot comfort. With all the thoughts put into it and a slightly wider waist, the Flair 79 opens up more terrain, in more conditions, than any other ski in the Flair lineup. Details: - Dimensions: 129-79-109 - Sidecut Radius Center: 14.1 - Powered by Steel - Center Sidewall - Glass frame - Base P-Tex 2100 - Dual Woodcore -Tip & Tail Rocker - Binding Plate Premounted: Yes - Premounted Binding Type: IPT WR XL 11 TCX GW
Volkl Kenja 88 Skis - Women's 2024
If you don’t want to choose between piste and powder, between moguls and groomed carving slopes, then the Kenja 88 with its revised geometry is the perfect partner for every occasion. This all-mountain free-rider with a state-of-the-art build is suitable for female skiers who value performance but don’t want to be confined to the piste or terrain. Its impressive carving performance is due to the three different radii in the 3D Radius Sidecut. Different parts of the ski are involved at different speeds and the edges are engaged and disengaged, helping it manage different turns, terrains, and forces perfectly. The tip and tail rocker makes initiating turns smoother and forgives mistakes on slopes deep with powder or crud. The center radius is shorter by a meter, allowing the ski to be steered with noticeably less effort. With the Kenja 88 beneath your feet, you can take on everything the mountains have to offer. To ensure the perfect ride on every length from 149 to 170 cm, Tailored Carbon Tips and a Tailored Titanal Frame have been integrated into the Kenja 88 for this season. What does that mean? The Tailored Titanal Frame which features in many Titanal Freeride models is an evolution of our well-known Titanal frame. In this design, the width of the Titanal upper belt can be adapted to the length of the ski; the resulting torsional stiffness and the desired damping behavior can be adapted to the skier. The Titanal content is reduced in shorter skis, which means shorter and lighter skiers can get the most out of their skis without excessive effort. The Tailored Carbon Tips make the Kenja 88 especially versatile. Carbon fibers applied by means of Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) allow our engineers to influence curve behavior with great accuracy. The strength and alignment of the fibers define the force you need to apply and the energy that builds up where it’s needed. Agile shovel reaction is a feature of special note. This means that as soon as you initiate a turn, you can steer the ski in a measured, easy manner. In other words, simply think about changing direction – and it happens. This construction also allows means less weight without any loss of stability. Also included in the new Kenja 88 with tip and tail rocker is our renowned multilayer wood core surrounded by a full sidewall and a P-Tex 2100 base. Details: - Dimensions: 129-88-113 - Sidecut Radius Center: 10 - Multilayer Woodcore 1 - Base P-Tex 2100 - 3D Radius Sidecut - Full Sidewall - Tailored Carbon Tips - Tailored Titanal Frame - Tip & Tail Rocker - Binding Plate Premounted: no - Recommended Binding: 7524U1.GE GRIFFON 13 ID 90MM WHITE
Volkl Secret 96 Skis - Women's 2024
Take a pinch of the powder-loving Secrets 102, add a little of the Kenya 88’s piste expertise, and you get the deliciously versatile combination of the Secret 96. A tailored Titanal frame and tailored carbon tips give this ski the same composure, but make it a little lighter. A 3D radius sidecut lets you master turns on any terrain, and a 96 mm waist can cope with almost any depth of snow without impairing performance in either direction. If you’re the type of person who’s ready to embrace almost any condition, then the Secret 96 is the ski for you. Details: - Dimensions: 135-96-119 - Sidecut Radius Center: 11 - Tip & Tail Rocker - Tailored Carbon Tips - Tailored Titanal Frame - Full Sidewall - 3D Radius Sidecut - Base P-Tex 2100 - Multilayer Woodcore 1 - Binding Plate Premounted: no - Recommended Binding: 7524U1.GF GRIFFON 13 ID 100MM WHITE
Salomon QST Lumen 98 Skis - Women's 2024
The Salomon QST Lumen 98 Skis are perhaps the most versatile ski in the current Salomon lineup, capable of railing groomers when needed and taking soft snow and chop in stride when called upon. Light enough to use as a hybrid touring-alpine ski but with the stability and power of many a heavier alpine ride, the Lumen 98 is one of the premier choices on the market.
Salomon QST Lux 92 Skis - Women's 2024
The Salomon QST Lux 92 Skis have consistently gotten our vote for "most versatile all-mountain" ride for several years, and sales have been appropriately through the roof. Nothing has changed in the latest model - if you want a do-it-all ski with a willing personality that doesn't leave you short on icy or steep terrain, the Lux 92 is hard to beat.
Salomon Stance 96
$489.99 $699.99 30% Off
The marquee ski in Salomon's brand-new Stance offering an unrivaled strength-to-weight ratio, The latest and greatest in directional carving, ensuring a butter-smooth ride at any speed. Two titanal plates run the length of the ski to provide impressive edge grip in hard conditions and release torsional stiffness for poppy, powerful turns. Edge grip - When a race inspired sidecut pairs up with double Ti construction the result is confidence inspiring edge grip whether you are laying down a turn on piste or off. Maneuverable and progressive - A progressive frontside sidecut teams up with a full poplar woodcore and C/FX creating unmatched confidence when you're railing a turn on piste or racing through the glades. Power - Metal Twinframe technology pairs with C/FX and a double Ti laminate to create a damp, hard charging ski that inspires confidence regardless of speed, terrain or conditions. Full Poplar Woodcore - A full Woodcore construction maximizes liveliness, stability and ski-to-snow contact while filtering vibrations. Double Ti - Double layer of titanal, one on either side of the core, improves hard snow performance. It increases precision, offers a good edge grip and improves responsiveness. Metal Twin Frame - A titanal top core TI layer provides improved stability, while the recessed windows, strategically placed in the tip and tail, frame Salomon's proprietary C/FX fiber layer to help release torsion for increased maneuverability and dampening. Recommended bindings - STH2 WTR 13 - Warden MNC 13
Salomon Stance W 88 Skis - Women's 2024
The Stance 88W features an all-new construction using a karuba/poplar core and redesigned titanal frame to create an energetic ski that excels at the piste, bumps, glades and everything in-between. Trust in the ski’s full sandwich sidewalls when the going gets fast and firm. Re-imagine where your skis will take you.
Head Kore 85 W
$454.99 $649.99 30% Off
The KORE 85 W is a top-class, frontside-oriented ski in a lightweight package. HEAD's weight-saving focus does not mean soft: A blend of materials reduces weight without sacrificing performance. HEAD fuses light Graphene into the tip and tail for a feathery swing weight. Light and stiff Karuba wood in the core is sandwiched by a triaxial weave carbon layer adding responsiveness. A new topsheet shape gives the nimble KORE 85 W more durability. Features: - Multilayer-Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction - KARUBA-POPLAR Light Weight Wood Core - Graphene - Topless Tech - Structured UHM C Base - Tip-Tail Rocker Technologies: - GRAPHENE: GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom.
Head Kore 91 W
$454.99 $649.99 30% Off
The high-performance KORE 91 W has a lightweight construction and vibration-absorbing properties, which means more energy for carving up the frontside or exploring the backside. HEAD blends core materials designed to reduce weight without sacrificing performance such as light Graphene fused into the rockered tip and tail, light but stiff Karuba wood and triaxial woven carbon. HEAD's new topsheet shape adds durability to this easy-to-turn freeride ski. Features: - Multilayer-Carbon Sandwich Cap Construction - KARUBA-POPLAR Light Weight Wood Core - Graphene - Topless Tech - Structured UHM C Base - Tip-Tail Rocker Technologies: - GRAPHENE: GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom.
Faction Agent 2x Women's Skis
$599.99 $749.99 20% Off
Built with the shape of the frontside specialist Dancer series, but with a heart of ultralight Karuba wood, a carbon-enhanced layup with Titanal only under the bindings, and skintrack-ready flat, notched tail, the Faction Agent 2X Skis are a top "touring" choice for technical backcountry skiers, but also excel on steep technical terrain, forests, and bumps. An excellent choice to mount up with a hybrid or full tech binding and take advantage of whatever seems the best option on any particular day.
Faction Dancer 2X Women's Skis
$599.99 $749.99 20% Off
A hard-charging freeride ski that loves the groomed and blasts through chop and chunder with ease, the Faction Dancer 2X Skis feature a versatile 96mm waist and twin Titanal sheets that give the ski extra power and dampness underfoot. With a flatter tail and more directional shape, this is Faction's most traditional ski and will appeal to those who prefer to ski only forward and at high rates of speed.
Elan Ripstick 102 W Skis
$559.99 $699.99 20% Off
The Ripstick 102 W is designed by women for skiers who aggressively push their limits and seek out the toughest lines and deepest pow – all while putting the boys to shame.
Elan Ripstick 88W Skis - Women's 2024
Hey you. Yes, you reading this page. Do you like to go fast? Like, really fast? Get in on this, the Elan Ripstick 88 Skis MIGHT just help you beat your friends. Whether you like to smash the Ice Coast or get out on freshly groomed runs everywhere else, these sticks are all but guaranteed to help you beat your pals to the lift. Constructed with carbon rods that provide stability and power and a lightweight Tubelite Wood Core that makes the Ripstick easy to handle, they're a recipe for success. You've heard of the saying "No friends on a pow day." But what about, "No friends on a fast day?" You know who you are. Get em' while they last!
Elan Ripstick 94W Skis - Women's 2024
Magic on the mountain is more than just snowflakes falling tenderly on your glove, sometimes its clipping into a pair of Elan Ripstick 94 Skis and feeling them grip the snow beneath you on every turn. Thanks to Elan's signature Tubelite Wood Core that provides torsional stability and supreme response, variable snow, moguls, groomers, and chop don't stand a chance. The Elan Ripstick 94 skis are almost better than a pow day... Almost.
Elan Wildcat 76C Skis + ELW 9.0 GW Shift Bindings - Women's 2024
OK, you're a new skier, fresh out of the gate, and rarin' to go - except for that rental line. It's enough to make you stay home and do the crossword. Or, you could get the versatile and forgiving Elan Wildcat 76 Skis + LS ELW 9.0 Bindings and know you're on the best learning platform available every time you head to the mountains.
Elan Wildcat 82C Skis + ELW 9.0 GW Shift Bindings - Women's 2024
The Elan Wildcat 82 C Skis + ELW 9.0 GW Bindings use a woven carbon laminate and a standard laminated woodcore rather than the Tubelight Core for a slightly softer, less demanding ride - perfect for getting your frontside chops dialed and moving up the learning curve.
Atomic Backland 98 W Skis - Women's 2024
The most versatile touring ski in Atomic's vast lineup of backcountry sticks, the Atomic Backland 98 W Skis get raves from both first-timers and experienced ski tourists who've skied 'em all. Plenty light enough for big days on the skintrack, with enough width and HRZN Tech tips to handle mid-winter deep days, the Backland 98 still has the guts to hang on icy sidehills and steeps. Whether as your first touring setup or your fifth, the Backland 98 W is a surefire winner.
Atomic Cloud Q9 Skis + M 10 GW Bindings - Women's 2024
The Atomic Cloud Q9 takes the intermediate female skier anywhere the piste may lead. Designed with Atomic's All-Condition Piste Shape, the Cloud Q9 is at home cruising the groomers or making quick turns through afternoon bumps. The generous 75mm waist provides a solid platform for variable snow conditions, while Dura Cap Sidewall construction creates a secure edge hold through the turns. The composite wood core keeps the ski responsive and light to minimize fatigue and maximize fun. The Cloud Q9 is ready to ski hard in the morning and dial it back in the afternoon for cruiser laps with friends-a true, versatile, all-piste ski. Active Camber 0/100/0: - Active Camber increases effective edge contact for better edge grip on icy slopes and stability.
Atomic Maven 83 Skis + M10 GW Bindings - Women's 2024
Round up a pair of the Atomic Maven 83 Skis + M10 GW Bindings, and shake that bothersome rental habit once and for all. Quality, versatility and performance are yours for the asking with the Maven 83, a big step up in performance that won't leave you grasping for skills you don't have, but can still keep pace as you gain confidence.
Atomic Maven 86 Skis - Women's 2024
The Atomic Maven 86 Skis are a kinder, gentler version of the Maven 86 C, without the Carbon Backbone and an easier disposition - perfect for skiers just transitioning from the rental phase, or less aggressive skiers who prioritize sane speeds and precise turns.
Armada Reliance 82 C Women's Skis + EM10 Bindings 2024
The Armada Reliance 82 C Skis with the EM 10 GW Bindings is the ultimate female frontside ski package. Everything about this ski package revolves around versatility. This ski can rip everything from groomers to bumps and steep trees, while the EM 10 GW bindings will keep you safely locked in the entire time. Their chassis is lightweight and durable plus, it has a super low profile which gets you closer to the skis and snow for better performance. The Reliance 82 C and EM 10 GW Bindings are the one-stop-shop ski package you’ve been looking for.
Armada Reliance 82 Ti Women's Skis 2024
The Armada Reliance 82 Ti Women's Skis are a hard carving machine built for frontside domination. Strategically engineered for exceptional carving performance, the Armada Reliance 82 Ti Women’s Skis stand out as a serious frontside weapon. At 82mm underfoot, the Reliance 82 Ti is the narrowest in the Reliance lineup and offers the best carving performance out of the series. With a lightweight core construction boosted by Armada’s Articulated Titanal Banding, the Reliance 82 Ti remains damp and stable at even the highest speeds—allowing for limitless hip-dropping performance down the fall line. With a moderate turn radius and a generous camber profile underfoot, it’s no surprise that the Reliance 82 Ti feels most at home when driving on edge, but performance doesn’t stop there. With a nimble profile and steadfast edge hold, aggressive frontside skiers can expect unrivaled execution when racing through tight trees, bump lines, and more technical terrain. Easily maneuverable and widely appealing, the Armada Reliance 82 Ti Women’s Skis are tailor-made for high speeds and hard carving.
Armada Reliance 92 Ti Women's Skis 2024
The Armada Reliance 92 Ti Women's Skis balance agility with power to offer an exceptionally versatile profile tailor-made for aggressive female skiers. Top level versatility meets all-mountain precision in the Armada Reliance 92 Ti Women’s Skis. Tailor-made for resort skiers who demand power and stability at speeds, the Reliance 92 Ti offers an exceptionally smooth ride built to charge no matter what the mountain throws your way. A lightweight Caruba Core is reinforced with two sheets of titanal, with the top layer offering a blend of titanal and elastomer to amplify flex with more energy and less weight. The resulting ride is strong and lively, with an agile feel stemming from an elongated tip rocker profile and effortless turn initiation. With a fully cambered tail and full length sidewalls, the Reliance 92 Ti tracks confidently despite the terrain, ensuring maximum edge grip when turning and burning on harder pack snow. At 92mm underfoot, there really isn’t much this ski can’t do—appealing to aggressive female skiers who seek out soft stashes just as often as they tear it up on-piste. Sure to bring the heat in all conditions, on all terrain, the Armada Reliance 92 Ti Women’s Skis are tailor-made for those with an appetite for power and precision.
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