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Swix Cross Jr Cross Country Ski Poles
Children’s pole with components such as PC handle and a semi racing basket fitted for developing skiing technique. Diameters & lengths: Handle 13 mm, basket 13 mm. 85 cm - 120 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic, skating.
Swix Junior Cross
Children’s pole with components such as PC handle and a semi racing basket fitted for developing skiing technique. Diameters & lengths: Handle 13 mm, basket 13 mm. 85 cm - 120 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic, skating. DETAILS - Junior aluminium pole - For groomed trails - For kids and juniors - Entry level pole
Swix Pro Fit 3D Handle Straps
This strap provides the perfect combination of performance and comfort. This strap design has been developed in collaboration with World Cup skiers. Strong nylon outer material and 3D-mesh inside. The combination allows efficient power transfer during skiing, while ensuring optimal comfort. DETAILS - For racing and recreational use - For racers, athletes and exercisers - Great fit and performance - Fits all handles with traditional webbing and locking cap
Swix Star Jr X-fit Cross Country Ski Poles
The Swix Star Jr. X-Fit Pole is an aluminum pole for juniors with a polycarbonate handle and the newly developed X-fit strap. The X-fit strap is intuitive and easy to use. Just as easy to enter into as a traditional loop strap, but the performance of the strap helps developing good skiing technique.
Swix Triac 3.0, IPM carbon composite
Swix Triac 3.0 is a significant step forward to meet the most demanding requirements in Cross Country. We have worked closely with world-leading athletes to achieve the new state-of-the-art cross country pole. All details have been thought and no compromises are done. Performance and nothing else counts. Specification: - Stiffness: 23mm - Shaft weight: 56gr/m - Strength: 70kp - Total weight 155cm pole: 136 grams - Lengths: 135cm - 180cm. 2.5cm interval. - Recommended use: Groomed trails, competition racing, skating, and classic skiing. Details - Racing Carbon pole, IPM Tecnology - For groomed Trails - Racing - TBS and TCS Components
Scott USA MJ Ski Poles
Scott has been designing the ski industry's top ski poles for skiers of all sizes. The Women's MJ poles are no exception, built with Scott's extremely strong and lightweight S3 Aluminum Alloy Shaft. The P-Core Grip included on this pole is injection-molded, soft thermoplastic rubber that increases the grip you will experience on the poles.
Scott USA Pro Taper SRS Ski Poles
The combination of carbon and fiberglass guarantees vibration absorption and flexibility. The Scott Pro Taper SRS Ski Poles is equipped with the Safety Release System S.R.S. Scott Pro Taper SRS Ski Poles Features: Filament-Wound Engineering Process 16mm Carbon Matrix Shaft Notch Grip SRS FX15x25 Strap 3.6 Basket Anodized Adapter with Ice Tip TECHNOLOGY: S.R.S System
Salomon Arctic Ski Poles
Save some $$$ without compromising your ski experience with the Salomon Arctic Ski Poles. Shaft 18 mm 6061 Aluminum Shaft Grip Dual-Material All-Mountain Grip Strap Standard Strap Tip Standard Tip
Salomon Escape Alu Jr Cross Country Ski Poles
The Escape Alu Junior is a comfortable, durable aluminum junior pole.
Gorham Bike & Ski Alpine Touring Package
$749.99 $900.00 17% Off
Want to be able to skin up the hill and earn a few turns in the early morning and hit the slopes in the same skis and boots in the afternoon with the family? Looking for a great workout while you're at the mountain?  Whether you’re looking to try alpine touring for the first time this winter or you’re a seasoned expert, our Alpine skinning package will save you time, money, and hassles! **Subject to availability. While supplies last. What's Included:   Bindings: Atomic or Salomon Shift bindings (10 or 13, depending on required DIN)   Skins: Montana Climbing Skins   Poles: Atomic Adjustable Ski Poles   Guide: GBA Graniteland GBA guide book
Fischer Junior Fibre Cross Country Ski Poles
These classic touring poles for on- and off-trail adventures are available in junior lengths for your young skier.
Fischer RCS Junior Vario Cross Country Ski Poles
Junior cross country ski pole - length adjustable. Very smart aluminum ski poles that are easy to adjust when the kids grow. The RCS Vario JR comes with a race strap for the best power transfer and control of the ski poles. The grip is ergonomically shaped and the cork ensures good control. Choose between different length: - 95cm (adjustable from 37.40'' - 45.27'' /95cm - 115cm) - 105cm (adjustable from 41.33'' - 49.21'' /105cm - 125cm)
DPS Extendable Ski Pole
With a lightweight and stiff carbon lower and tough aluminum upper, and an adjustable length of 110 to 140 centimeters, skiers looking to optimize their performance in the backcountry and the resort are covered. Its extended freeride grip is ideal for holding in multiple positions, and the DPS snowflake-inspired baskets add a touch of style. 560 g per pair.
Black Diamond Whippet Attachment
An accessory for Black Diamond Whippet-Ready ski poles, the Whippet Pick attaches with Black Diamond's innovative ClickLock Dial for an added margin of safety on steep winter terrain. By utilizing their innovative ClickLock Dial, this Whippet pick attaches to any Whippet Ready ski pole to immediately add traction for steep terrain. So whether you're bootpacking up an icy ridge, or descending in no-fall terrain, this attachment is a valuable tool for ski mountaineering.
Atomic BCT Freeride SQS
Our Atomic BCT Freeride SQS is the perfect ski pole if you're dealing with deep, fresh powder. It's made from lightweight 5* aluminum with a low swing weight and high tensile strength. It has a wrapped Freeride grip – inspired by bike grips – which means the upper shaft of the pole is wrapped in tape with a rubber top. This provides a grip that's non-slip and great for climbing and one you can also customize. It also features Atomic SQS, our Safety Quick Release System that instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. Plus extra-wide powder baskets for staying on top of the deep stuff. TECH FEATURES - SQS - Safety Quick Release System - Wrapped FR Grip - 5* Aluminum Pole Technology - Touring Strap - Powder Basket (97mm) - Carbide Tip
Atomic BCT Touring SQS
If you’re looking for a reliable and lightweight pole for touring (and one you can use for days on the piste as well) Atomic BCT Touring SQS is a great option. It’s made from highest grade 5* aluminum giving it lots of strength. It’s telescopic with easy length adjustment (95cm-145cm) so you can match it to the gradient of your climb. We’ve added SQS, our safety quick release system that instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. And then we’ve finished it off with an extended ergonomic EVA grip so you can hold your pole further down on climbs. Enjoy your tour! - 5* Aluminum Pole Technology - SQS - Safety Quick Release System - Adjustable Length (Telescope with Power Lock) 95-145 - Ergonomic BCT Grip (EVA) - Ergonomic M-Fit - Touring Strap - Touring Basket (85mm) - Carbide Tip
Atomic Park Ski Pole
Feel free to abandon crowded terrain parks for the isolated backcountry; Atomic's Park Ski Pole can handle it. Its light-but-burly alloy shaft takes impact whether you're whipping off pipes or dropping stacked pillow lines. Atomic fixed this pole with a playful bike grip, a powder basket, and a wide strap for security.
Alpina ST Junior Cross Country Ski Poles
The Alpina ST Junior cross country ski pole is designed to do what all good touring gear should do: save energy. Its aluminum construction makes it lightweight and stiff for easy, efficient movement. The grip is comfortable, while the practical touring strap encloses the hand snugly without getting in the way.
Swix Alpine Basket Replacement
Found yourself missing a basket for your Swix poles? We've got you covered with a pair of Swix's 58mm Alpine medium baskets!
Atomic Park
The Atomic Park pole is perfect for park and pipe—and by that, we mean light, strong, and really maneuverable. It's made from lightweight aluminum alloy and we've given it a bike-inspired Freeride grip that won't slip. It also has a wide strap and an 85mm powder basket for better floatation when you're out of the park and in the deep. TECH FEATURES - 4* Aluminum Pole Technology - Premium Strap - FR Grip - Powder Basket (97mm) - Steel Tip
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