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Body Care

Yaktrax Toe Warmers
Yaktrax® Adhesive Toe Warmers are a safe, easy, and all-natural solution to painfully cold toes. Once opened and exposed to oxygen in the air, these disposable but environmentally-friendly warmers begin working in just minutes. Apply them directly to the top of your socks to form a radiant barrier of warmth inside your shoes that lasts up to 5 hours. Yaktrax Warmers are the ideal choice for outdoorsman, winter athletes, spectators, and anyone who works or plays outdoors.
Grabber Mini Hand Warmers
Grabber Mini Hand Warmers are portable heat in the palm of your hand! These hand warmers are a definite must have for winter! Just open the sealed package and place inside your gloves or pockets to stay nice and warm all day in the snow. Details: • Long lasting 7+ hours • Instant heat - air activated • No shaking or kneading required • Safe, odorless, non-toxic, all natural materials • Great for pockets - simply leave in coat pocket and warm your hands! • Inexpensive and easy to use • Single use (disposable) • 1 pack contains 2 mini hand warmers
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