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Mammut Barryvox Avalanche Safety Beacon
We backcountry skiers and splitboarders should know beacons like we know the back of our gloves, so Mammut designed the Barryvox Beacon with an incredibly intuitive design so we can master it quickly. It features a single switch, single button, and separate flagging button for simple, reliable handling that we got the hang of after a few beacon drills. With a triple antenna, the Barrvox boasts an impressive 70-meter digital range that's just as large as most top-end beacons out there. The Barryvox shows distance, direction, and number of burial victims in an easy-to-see, goggle-friendly display. In search mode, the Barryvox automatically switches back into send mode if the beacon's been still for four seconds, just in case we get in an accident while looking for a victim. Mammut included alkaline batteries and a carry case that keeps the beacon close to your chest. Details Intuitive beacon for backcountry skiers and splitboarders Triple antenna boasts an extended 70-meter digital range Easy-to-see display shows distance, direction, and victim number Auto switch from search to send after not moving for four minutes Group and self tests with clear instructions
Mammut Barryvox S Avalanche Safety Beacon
Compared to the standard Barryvox, Mammut's Barryvox S Beacon has more advanced features that appeal to experienced mountaineers and guides. The beginner-friendly interface remains, while the larger screen displays advanced graphics, the additional buttons allow for customization, and the lithium batteries prevent corrosion to give us reliable performance when we need it most. Details Advanced beacon for dedicated backcountry skiers and splitboarders Triple antenna boasts a massive 70-meter range in digital mode Pro search option switches to analog for an even greater range Smart search with dynamic icon assists with guidance while searching Easy-to-see display shows distance, direction, and victim number Auto switch from search to send after 4 minutes of no movement Display screen is slightly larger than the standard Barryvox Ergonomic housing is impact- and break-proof for reliability
DPS DPS Ski Strap
The 18”/465 cm DPS Ski Strap is a trusted friend in the backcountry and in ski travel. Tightly synch your skis, join them as an A-frame on your pack, keep your avalanche gear together, and improvise when you need to, you’ll want a few of these in your pack. Made with durable stretch polyurethane and a tough aluminum buckle. Repetitive DPS logos on red.
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