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Trek E-Bikes. Electric bikes for any kind of riding.

No matter if you’re new to bikes or well-seasoned on two wheels, Trek electric bikes amplify fun and supercharge possibilities for any kind of rider. From pepping up your pedals on the path to feeling a never-ending tailwind up steep canyon roads, or cruising with extra support through errands and commutes, Trek makes an e-bike to help you ride farther, ride faster, and ride more often.

Electric City, Fitness & Recreational Bikes

Trek's electric city, fitness and recreational e-bikes are sporty and comfortable and great for daily commutes on city streets, cruises around the neighborhood, and riding just for the fun of it. Every model is easy to customize with the gear you need for your specific riding style.

Electric Road Bikes

Ride longer, farther and faster on one of Trek's electric road bikes. E-road bikes offer everything your love about a road bike, but with an added boost! Take your next long solo ride, or epic weekend adventures to the next level.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Turn steep, rocky climbs into good vibes and high fives with the grin-inducing power of a Trek e-mountain bike. Trek electric mountain bikes let you conquer climbs and crush laps with natural-feeling boost that makes light work of sky-high trails that point straight up, so you can get to the top without feeling winded for the down. Ride it, rally it, and power back to the top for more.

Trek Electric Bikes