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  Bicycle Service Center

Bicycle Tune-up Packages


E-Bikes $119*

  • Wipe the bike down
  • Lubricate the drivetrain 
  • Torque all the bolts and fasteners 
  • Align and adjust the brakes 
  • Adjust the shifting 
  • Adjust the headset, wheel and
    bottom bracket bearings 
  • True the wheels


 E-Bikes $179*

All the Bronze level services, plus...

Ultrasonic parts cleaning of the rear cogset, chain and front chain wheels

*Covers labor fees for installation of new chain, new cassette, new chainrings
a $45 value!


E-Bikes $249*

All the Bronze & Silver level services, plus...

Inner cables and outer housing for shifting and brakes are replaced

Update electronic shifting software if applicable

*Covers labor fees for installation of new grip/bar tape - a $20 value!

 E-bike service packages start with a check and update of the system firmware as well as a E-component diagnostic and functions check.

Safety Check - Free Makes sure that the bike is mechanically sound and safe to ride.

Hourly Shop Rate - $120/hr. Prorated in 15min increments.