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  Bicycle Service Center

Bicycle Tune-up Packages


E-Bikes $139*

  • Bike wipe down
  • Lubricate the drivetrain
  • Safety check
  • Torque all the bolts and fasteners 
  • Align and adjust the brakes 
  • Adjust the shifting
  • Basic wheel true


E-Bikes $199*

All the Bronze level services, plus...

Ultrasonic parts cleaning of the cassette, chain, and crank

*Covers labor fees for installation of new chain, new cassette, new chainrings!


E-Bikes $389*

  • All the Bronze & Silver level services, plus...
  • Bike washed and detailed
  • Advanced wheel true and tension
  • Cables and housings are replaced
  • Flush and replace hydraulic brake fluid
  • Update electronic shifting software if applicable

* Other parts not included

Electric bike service packages start with a check and update of the system firmware, a diagnostic and functions check, and a complete battery charge.

Please note: We are able service ebikes for the bike brands we carry like Trek, Electra, and Giant as well as electric bikes with specific ebike systems from Bosch, TQ, Shimano, Hyena and Hydrive. Exceptions apply. Please contact us for more information.

Safety Check - Free - Makes sure that the bike is mechanically sound and safe to ride.

Hourly Shop Rate - $120/hr. Prorated in 15min increments.