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Combi/Skiathlon XC Boots

$149.99 $299.99 50% Off
A lightweight combi boot for training and racing built with a stable ankle cuff for skating and flexible classic frontfoot flex. Balancing the needs of skate and classic boots is no easy task, but through careful material and feature selection Madshus has created the Race Speed Universal – a boot that’s comfortable both while skating as well as in the track. A flexible forefoot to prevent pain during classic striding, an ankle cuff to provide lateral support during skating, and the Madshus performance outsole all add up to make the Race Speed Universal an excellent choice regardless of your skiing technique. The Race Speed Universal is also a good option for skiers who prefer more control than a typical classic boot provides: the ankle cuff will boost your confidence on steep and twisty descents.
$89.99 $179.99 50% Off
A lightweight Junior racing boot for both skating and classic technique, featuring a soft forefoot flex for classic skiing, and a supportive ankle cuff for added stability when skating. Redline JR features the same performance-oriented styling as Madshus's Redline adult boots, but with key differences that allow this boot to work for both skating and classic skiing. The Redline JR comes with a water-resistant and breathable Softshell upper, while the internal lacing fingers provide a secure fit for spending hours in the snow. Like the adult redline boots, the Redline JR features a two-piece integrated outsole—a unique feature in the world of junior ski boots!
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