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Snowboard Parts & Accessories

Rome Roadie Bag
When you're on the road in search of mesmerizing peaks filled with untracked powder, rely on the Rome Roadie Snowboard Bag to transport for your favorite 162cm snowboard (or smaller) and bindings. Its 3D-shaped main compartment boasts reinforced backing for extra protection from jam-packed trunks filled with gear, as well as the occasional drop, while the external drop pocket handily stores extra baselayers, tuning supplies, or spare gloves. - Simple yet effective snowboard bag for traveling the world - 900D nylon outer fights off wear and tear of travel and daily use - Reinforced main compartment helps keep your gear in tip top shape - Nylon webbing shoulder strap comfortably keeps your hands free - External pocket holds smaller items like your tuning kit - Easy grab top handle eases loading and unloading from trunks - 162cm length easily contains most snowboards of normal lengths
Burton Aluminum Stud Stomp Pad
Get irie or keep it somber with the Burton Aluminum Stud Stomp Pad, for traction and no slippage when one footed situations need a little extra lovin'.
Burton Ankle Tongue Slider
Be prepared for a breakdown with the Burton ankle tongue and slider replacement kit, or use this set to upgrade to the new Flex Slider for easier strapping in and a stronger design. Features: + Compatible with most Burton men's and women's bindings with Smooth Glide™ buckles + Includes 1 pair of Smooth Glide ankle tongues and 1 pair of flex sliders + Strap not included
Burton Bullet Tool
Adjust your bindings or your straps in a cinch with the snowboard-friendly, palm-size Burton Bullet Tool. This lightweight tool is your best friend when you're in need of a quick tune up on the slopes. You can even build a grill with it.
Burton Channel Hinge Disc
If you have any new Burton binding using the newest ReFlex baseplates and need to mount them to that Burton Channel snowboard then these are the discs you need. You can tell what bindings you have in a couple of ways and the easiest is to look at the underneath of the binding and look for the word ReFlex. It is that simple. Another more subtle way is to look at the hole in the binding baseplate and see if it has small teeth on the edges of the hole that would match the teeth on the edges of these discs which are pretty obvious in the picture here. Features: 1 pair of discs, no hardware (screws or washers) 2 hole Channel ReFlex only baseplates Burton Channel Snowbaords Only Use with M6 X 13mm Burton hardware
Burton Cord Leash
A convenient leash for safety on the mountain Fast clipping design fixes easily to your boot Loop it through your binding for a secure hold Low-profile design you won’t even notice is there
Burton Double Take Ankle Tongue Slider
Replace your tabs and slides on the ankle strap of your Burton bindings with these one that are fitted with the double-grip loop system.
Burton Double Take Toe Tongue Slider
Upgrade your tongues and sliders with a set of freshies, or keep a spare pair handy in case of emergency. Critical binding parts can break at the most inconvenient of times. Be prepared for that situation and bounce back quickly with our toe tongue and slider replacement kit. Strap not included.
Burton Foam Stomp Pad
Stay on board with extra-grippy stomp pads, featuring sustainably sourced Bloom Foam made from algae biomass. Everyone needs to get a grip, and the Burton Foam Stomp Pad is a great place to start. Each foam pad delivers traction wherever you want it. Like a sticker, simply peel and place where you need grip the most. Foam mats are generally placed to help with getting on and off lifts, but are also great for one footers – if you're into that sort of thing.
Burton Gig Bag
If you're not carrying a battery of guitars with you to your next gig on an international tour, the next best thing is hauling your boards to the next mountain adventure. The padded Burton Gig Bag ensures your boards make it safely to your destination. With the capacity to carry multiple boards and a pocket for stashing tools, tuning gear, and wax, you can bring everything you need in one piece of luggage. The double-cushion shoulder strap allows you to carry your gear more comfortably, or you can strap a skateboard to the bottom, grab one of the straps on each end, and roll the bag along. Lockable, contoured zipper pulls fit TSA-approved locks, and the tough polyester outer will keep this bag lasting through many seasons of mountain mischief. - Fully Padded Board Protection with Removable Shoulder Strap - Lockable Contoured Zipper Pulls Fit TSA-Approved Locks - 600D Polyester with TPE Backing for Superior Protection - External Zippered Accessory Pocket
Burton Impact Wrist Guards
Made with a low-profile design to fit comfortably under nearly all gloves and mitts, the Impact Wrist Guards give you protection and support where and when you need it. Flexible top splints support your wrist but won't pinch or pressure your hands. Palm pads disperse shock and give you added defense against damage and sharp impacts. Flexible strap is utilized for precise comfort and fit adjustment. No matter what your needs, the Impact Wrist Guards will get the job done.
Burton Large Scraper Mat
Dual-purpose stomp pad designed for wet snow and icy lift lines Scraper on pad keeps boot soles clear when you’re ready to strap in. Adhesive attachment makes stomp pad easy to put on snowboard
Burton Medium Spike Mat
Burton Medium Spike Mat 2012: The Burton Medium Spike Mat doesn’t mess around when it comes to hooking up traction. This plastic/aluminum mat keeps you goggle-side-up when you slide off the chairlift and makes quick work of one-footed cruises through the flats.
Burton Mini Scraper Stomp Pad
For riders who need a little back-foot traction, but don't want to take up too much topsheet real estate, our mini scraper mats are the way to roll. A small scraper ridge helps remove snow and ice build-up on boot soles before strapping in.
Burton Mini Scraper Stomp Pad
For riders who need a little back-foot traction, but don't want to take up too much topsheet real estate, our mini scraper mats are the way to roll. A small scraper ridge helps remove snow and ice build-up on boot soles before strapping in.
Burton Mountain Essentials Kit
Like an first aid kit for your beloved board, the Burton MTN Essentials Kit gives you the basic tools for tuning, waxing, and replacing old screws. It includes basic rub-on wax with a buffer for giving your board extra zip without dedicating the effort required for a hot wax. There's a credit card scraper for removing excess wax build-up after a proper waxing, so you can glide smoothly without the grabby feel of residual wax slowing you down. M6 replacement screws come in handy for mounting a fresh set of bindings to your Burton Channel board, also serving as a nice replacement to your old, rusted-out binding hardware. Burton's EST tool compactly fits in your jacket pocket for on-the-fly tightening of your Burton EST Bindings (those mounted to Channel boards). Other handy tools include a file guide and ceramic stone for sharpening edges, or conversely, detuning them for park jibs and urban exploits. - Repair kit for waxing, buffing, and edge-tuning - Reuseable case stores tuning essentials and accessories - File guide with ceramic stone and steel file for edge tuning - M6x16 screws for Burton's Channel Bindings (i.e. Re:Flex) - Burton EST tool adjusts bindings (both Burton and non-Burton) - Rub-on wax quickly gives your board a boost of speed - Included scraper and buffer clean base of residual wax
Burton Toe Tongue Slider
Hard durable plastic Approx. 6.5" long x 18mm wide Sold as pair
Burton Wheelie Gig Bag
The Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is a true crowd pleaser. Its ability to carry three boards in a completely padded, safe way is only beat by the fact that it also has wheels! That means you don't need to haul this puppy from one gate to another using just your upper body strength. Add in webbed inner straps to keep all your gear in place and an external zippered pocket to house your accessories -- the Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is like an entire hauling crew wrapped up into one.
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