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Cross Country Skate Skis

Salomon RS 7
RS 7 is a performance skating ski that delivers smooth glide and stable, easy skiing via the Powered Camber. Easy to ski - Powered camber offers outstanding stability and power. Glide - G3 Base is durable and fast. Lightweight - Densolite core is light and durable.
Salomon RS 8
The RS 8 is a versatile but fast ski that is lightweight and easy to ski on. Ideal for developing racers and high school athletes, its Powered Camber provides the optimum balance of stability and speed that young racers will love. Easy to ski - Powered camber offers outstanding stability and power. Fast - G4 Racing base. Lightweight - Densolite core is light and durable.
Salomon Skate Ski Package
The perfect package to get you started on your skate ski journey. Beginner and intermediate skiers will love the responsive, confident, easy-skiing feel of the Salomon RS8 skis. The Salomon RS8 Prolink skate boots offer a supportive yet comfortable fit and all-day warmth. And the value packed R60 Click pole, with it's "click-in, click-out" strap system, makes it easy to perform simple task like drinking and grabbing energy food from your bag easy and without having to remove the pole straps from your hands. ** Package selection varies by location **
Fischer SCS Skate Jr Mounted
Young skate skiers will start off on the right foot with the SCS Skate and its durable, proven performance design. The aerodynamic tip helps new skiers maintain a smooth rhythm. Sidecut World Cup Skate Arrow-shaped sidecut for improved performance and dynamics especially for the 1:1 skating technique. Ultra Tuning Unrestricted gliding. Offset base structure makes the ski fast and suitable for all uses. Air Channel Air channels integrated into the fiberlass wood core save weight compared to the pure wood cores and are more resistant to breaking. Better area pressure distribution. Bindings RACE JR SKATE IFP — Excellent power transfer, stability, and control for excellent junior skate skiers. Quick and easy individualization adds every possible advantage no matter what the race conditions. FLOWFLEX technology allows binding to flex with the ski for optimal power transfer.
Salomon RS 7 Skate Cross Country Skis
The Salomon RS 7 is a great skating ski for athletic skiers looking for speed and performance on the groomed tracks. Salomon's D2FC (Digital Dynamic Flex Control) designs the flex for that weight for that size skier to have optimum control, kick and glide. The Javelin Skating Sidecut has the widest point of the ski closest to the tail that delivers a high amount of propulsion with each skate. The Skating Spaceframe Construction reduces weight in strategic areas to give you a lightweight and powerful ski. The RS 7 comes Premounted with Prolink Bindings to get you out on the trails as soon as you get your package.
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