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Burton Bullet Tool
Adjust your bindings or your straps in a cinch with the snowboard-friendly, palm-size Burton Bullet Tool. This lightweight tool is your best friend when you're in need of a quick tune up on the slopes. You can even build a grill with it.
Burton Mountain Essentials Kit
Like an first aid kit for your beloved board, the Burton MTN Essentials Kit gives you the basic tools for tuning, waxing, and replacing old screws. It includes basic rub-on wax with a buffer for giving your board extra zip without dedicating the effort required for a hot wax. There's a credit card scraper for removing excess wax build-up after a proper waxing, so you can glide smoothly without the grabby feel of residual wax slowing you down. M6 replacement screws come in handy for mounting a fresh set of bindings to your Burton Channel board, also serving as a nice replacement to your old, rusted-out binding hardware. Burton's EST tool compactly fits in your jacket pocket for on-the-fly tightening of your Burton EST Bindings (those mounted to Channel boards). Other handy tools include a file guide and ceramic stone for sharpening edges, or conversely, detuning them for park jibs and urban exploits. - Repair kit for waxing, buffing, and edge-tuning - Reuseable case stores tuning essentials and accessories - File guide with ceramic stone and steel file for edge tuning - M6x16 screws for Burton's Channel Bindings (i.e. Re:Flex) - Burton EST tool adjusts bindings (both Burton and non-Burton) - Rub-on wax quickly gives your board a boost of speed - Included scraper and buffer clean base of residual wax
Black Diamond Binding Buddy Binding Tool
You may live by the no-friends-on-a-powder-day mantra, but don't even think about leaving behind your Black Diamond Binding Buddy Multi-Tool. This ratcheting screwdriver holds five bits in the handle to fit any screw on your bindings. The T-shaped handle is easy to use with your gloves still on, and even weight-savvy ounce counters will agree it's four ounces worth packing. - A multi-tool for adjusting your bindings in the backcountry - T-shaped handle is easy to use with gloves - Five different bits fit any screw on your binding - All bits can be stored in the handle
Black Diamond Glop Stopper Wax
Glop Stopper Wax is a must for spring tours or temperature inversions. Smooth the plush, increase the glide—use Glop Stopper Wax on your skin fabric to keep waterlogged snow from sticking and weighing down your skins. A must for spring tours or temperature inversions.
Black Diamond Trim Tool for Climbing Skins
At first glance, the Trim Tool from Black Diamond might look like a letter opener, but a letter opener won't cut through thick nylon and tacky glue in order to trim your climbing skins to the perfect size. Simply attach your too-wide stock climbing skins to your skis and run this tool down the edge of your skin. As you do so, skin material will fall away and you'll be left with a skin perfectly contoured to the shape of your powder boards. Step away from the razor blades and scissorsthis tool replaces both.
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