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Day Hiking Snowshoes

MSR Classic Snowshoe Straps - 12
Standard, 12-inch replacement straps for all current MSR® PosiLock™ bindings (not for PosiLock AT bindings) and all pre-2010 snowshoe bindings. Includes: (2x) 12 in. ( 30 cm) snowshoe binding straps.
MSR Evo Flotation Tail
Evo Modular Flotation Tails add 6 in. of on-demand flotation to any MSR Evo snowshoe. Simply slide them on and twist down the adjustment knob for float in deep snow, or when carrying a heavy pack.
MSR Evo Trail
MSR's classic Evo snowshoes remain a favorite of snowshoers around the world, delivering MSR’s legendary dependability, built for the trail. With traction bars molded into its UniBody deck, it offers the essential grip needed for even modest slopes in less than ideal conditions.
MSR Hyperlink Strap Kit for MSR Snowshoes
The MSR HyperLink Strap Replacement Kit is for all MSR HyperLink snowshoe bindings.
MSR Revo Explore Men's Snowshoes 25
Built on the rugged ExoTract deck, Revo Explore Snowshoes bring loads of comfort through HyperLink bindings, making them perfect for tackling all-day explorations on rolling terrain.
MSR Revo Explore Women's Snowshoes 25
With MSR's rugged ExoTract™ deck as their foundation, the Women’s Revo Explore snowshoes deliver confidence-inspiring performance underfoot, and bring the advanced comfort the new HyperLink™ bindings, making them a top choice for winter hikers. The bindings’ new EVA foam cushions maximize comfort, while the redesigned ratchet system now makes getting in and out of them a breeze. With add-on Modular Floatation tails and the added support of Ergo Televators for steeper pitches, Revo Explore snowshoes are built for all-day adventures, both on the trail and off.
Garneau Boreal 2R Snowshoes
When snow glistens on your lawn and you know the local trail will be covered in a blanket of silence, go out to explore with the Louis Garneau Boreal 2R Snowshoe. This lightweight snowshoe features a polymer construction throughout the frame and deck, making it a streamlined, lightweight design that sheds snow with each step. The snow falls from the tail as the Crux crampon pivots to grip snowy and icy surfaces in a natural position throughout your stride. The Contact Trad harness uses ratchet technology to help you find a secure fit that won't need constant adjustment throughout your adventure.
Garneau Neokid III Snowshoes
Introduce your young one to the joys of walking on snow with the Louis Garneau Neo Kid III snowshoes. They have fun graphics on the decks, easy-to-operate straps and carbon steel crampons.
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