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Non-Adjustable Ski Poles

Swix Elite Basic Poles
Elite is a pole for skiers who want function combined with easy and intuitive use. The Sonic strap system makes it easy to adjust the strap for larger or smaller gloves depending on the outside temperature. - Aluminum - For groomed trails - Touring - This model follows the old measuring system for rods. We recommend that you add 5 cm according to the size guide below. - Made for Cross Country Skiing
Swix Elite Just Click Poles
The Elite Just click offers an easy and quick strap release. The just click strap is a technical strap with the same features and benefits as the straps used in WC allowing easy connection and release from the handle. Specifications: - Handle 16 mm - Basket 10 mm - Lengths: 125 cm - 160 cm. 5 cm interval Recommended use: Groomed trails.
Scott 540 P-Lite Black Pole
KEY FEATURES - Good resistance and strength - 18mm Shaft Diameter - Increased grip - Durable steel tip - Unbeatable hold The SCOTT 540 P-Lite pole is a solid sturdy pole that also offers good value for money. Construction: - S2 Aluminum Alloy Shaft - 18mm Shaft Diameter - P-Lite Grip - FX24 Male Strap - 3.6 Basket - PA Adapter with Ice Tip S2 ALUMINUM S2 aluminum shafts show a great quality-to-price ratio with good resistance and strength.
Scott Koko Pole
KEY FEATURES - Aluminum Alloy Shaft - 16mm Shaft Diameter - Durable steel tip The SCOTT Koko has a fresh and exceptional design. Grab them and go ski! Construction: - 16mm Shaft Diameter - 5083 Alloy Shaft - All Mountain M Basket (60mm) - FX 24 Women Strap - Ice Steel Tip - P-Lite Grip - PA Support Winter - Size: 105-130 S2 ALUMINIUM S2 aluminum shafts show a great quality-to-price ratio with good resistance and strength.
Atomic Park
The Atomic Park pole is perfect for park and pipe—and by that, we mean light, strong, and really maneuverable. It's made from lightweight aluminum alloy and we've given it a bike-inspired Freeride grip that won't slip. It also has a wide strap and an 85mm powder basket for better floatation when you're out of the park and in the deep. TECH FEATURES - 4* Aluminum Pole Technology - Premium Strap - FR Grip - Powder Basket (97mm) - Steel Tip
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