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Bike Trade-In Program

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Through Tuesday, April 30th, we'll give you 110% of the Bicycle Blue Book value for your eligible trade-in. With 110% and great deals on great bikes during Trek Fest, this is the best time to trade-in and upgrade.
See how much your bike is worth now!

Trade-ins made easy!

Our easy, 4-step trade-in process makes updating your ride fast and easy. Clean up your old bike, bring it to us for a fast and easy evaluation, and get credit towards the bike of your dreams.

Our easy 4-step process


Dust off your old bike.


Get an estimate of your bike's values using the estimator below.


Shop for a new bike in-store or online.


Get store credit towards a new bike. Go ride!

Bicycle Trade-in Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What bikes will be accepted?

A: Bikes must be in good working order.
Bikes can require only minor refurbishment. Bikes must be completely free of structural damage. In general, most bikes originally purchased from a bike shop and in working condition are eligible for trade-in. In an effort to fight bike theft, we will require the following: 1) Your valid driver's license 2) The bike's serial number must not be defaced or destroyed. 

Q: How will the bike's value be determined?

A: We use Bicycle Blue Book's (BBB) trade-in value.
BBB has an extensive database including nearly every bike-shop quality bike from the year 2000 forward.  BBB determines value using a combination of factors including original MSRP, age, and condition. BBB's range of conditions has 5 possibilities: poor, fair, good, very-good, excellent. Descriptions of BBB's conditions can be found at

Q: Will I be negotiating the trade-in price?

A: No.
The Bicycle Blue Book does all the work for us. It's how we keep our pricing and offers completely transparent.

Q: How do Gorham Bike & Ski's / BBB's trade-in prices compare to private-party sale prices?

A: Bicycle Blue Book's trade-in assessment probably won’t be as much as you could get in a private sale (Craigslist, etc.).
If you’re looking to get the highest dollar for your used bike, your best bet is to find a private buyer. Our trade-in program offers a fair value. Most of all, our trade-in program saves you the hassles of 1.) detailing your bike to make it look great for potential buyers, 2.) taking pictures, 3.) listing it on Craigslist, Ebay, etc., 4) answering questions from potential buyers, 5.) dealing with buyer payments and 6.) packaging the bike for shipping. 

Q: How much time does it take to trade-in a bike?

 A: The trade-in process is similar to dropping off a bike for repair services.
We normally need only about 10 minutes to assess the bike. From there you can do some shopping or go directly to the cashier and depart with a gift card in hand.  

Other Trade-in Program Details

  •  All initial valuations will be provided by the third-party database.
  • BBB values are based on the original specifications of the bikes. Any non-stock customizations may change the value. For example, removing fenders that originally came with the bike will lower the trade-in value, but to a small degree. Likewise, component additions / upgrades have small positive impacts on trade-in prices.
  • You can use your trade-in value on your same visit, or have a cashier issue you a gift card for later use, or a mix of the two (spend some, retain some). Gorham Bike & Ski gift cards never expire and have no fees. Treat them like cash because lost gift cards cannot be replaced.
  • There is no charge to have your bike's value assessed.
  • Some bikes may not qualify for resale and therefore will not be eligible for trade-in. Examples of brands that are not eligible: Huffy, Kent, Magna, Motiv, Murray, Next, Roadmaster, Pacific, and Schwinn (sadly). Bikes from those brands and other bikes sold through mass-merchants have very low resale value and are therefore ineligible.
  • Gorham Bike & Ski reserves the right to reject any bicycle from the trade-in program, for any reason. 

Find Your New Bike

Start exploring our bike selection online and get excited for the new possibilities that await you when you visit us with your trade-in. 

$1,999.99 - $2,499.99
$1,999.99 - $2,499.99
$2,299.99 - $2,799.99
$3,999.99 - $4,299.99
$3,999.99 - $4,299.99
$4,299.99 - $4,999.99