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Volkl 90EIGHT Skis
The 90Eight from Volkl makes a perfect ski for the strong intermediate to expert level skier who never knows where a day on the mountain will take them. You can be blazing the groomers, dive into some trees or hike up to the cirque all on one ski in a single day. The 90Eight this season gets Volkl's new 3D Glass. 3D Glass has vertically laminated glass behind the sidewalls and horizontally wrapped glass above the sidewalls to add more torsional power, edge hold and increased rebound. 3D Ridge Technology has a thin construction above the sidewalls with a raised ridge in the center of the ski that lowers the amount of inertia it takes to maneuver the ski into a turn. Carbon Stringers combined with Volkl's Multi-Layer WoodCore is stable enough for you to charge at full speed through dicey snow, but lightweight enough for you to throw them over your shoulder to hike up and earn some deep turns.
Volkl Kama Women's Skis
The Volkl Kama makes a great ski for the intermediate to advanced skier who wants a versatile ride on the frontside of the mountain that can handle some light off trail skiing when conditions are right for you. Volkl's Multi-Layer Woodcore is packed with energy and stability to keep you turning and burning as you carve some medium radius turns. Rocker in the tip engages the Kama into turns with little effort, while camber underfoot delivers rebound and energy into your next turn. Full Length Sidewalls increase the torsional strength of the ski and grip firm conditions with ease. An 83mm waist is very nimble and edgy, and fully capable of rolling over crud. If you want a forgiving ride that offers top end performance, the Volkl Kama is a perfect option for you.
Volkl M5 Mantra Skis
When the Mantra first hit the scene, it was revolutionary. One of the first skis to lend experienced skiers confidence in virtually any snow conditions, and now in its 5th generation, the Volkl M5 Mantra Skis continue to build upon their all-mountain dominance. An all new Titanal Frame technology leverages strategically cut out layers of metal that run the perimeter of the ski, but forego a continuous full-sheet of metal in favor of substantial weight savings. Not only do the new M5 Mantras retain the same powerful edge and charge-through-anything feel of their predecessors, but they're now significantly lighter for nearly effortless turn initiation and all-day performance. Ski harder, with more confidence and less fatigue aboard the new Volkl M5 Mantra Skis!
Volkl Revolt 95 Skis
The Volkl Revolt 95 is back again this season as a great value for the freestyle skier. A Butterzone has a thinner construction in these zones that allows for an easy flex for butters, hand drags and an overall super playful feel. Carbon Stringers inside the Multi-Layer Woodcore add some extra snap and pop to the ski for catching air or hopping on boxes and rails. A Full Sidewall Construction delivers a nice edge grip when conditions get firm and beefing up the torsional strength for added responsiveness. Rocker in the tip and tail gives the Revolt 95 a very maneuverable and easy to ski feeling.
Black Diamond Route 105 Skis
Find your balance with the Black Diamond Route 105 Skis. Capable of climbing to great heights with you or pounding hard laps in the resort, these skis are adaptable and impressive. With a super versatile 105 mm waist width, these skis work exceptionally well in pow but still rail the hardpack with ease. With a flat top pre-preg fiberglass layup over a poplar core, they transfer energy like nobody's business and crush variable conditions. A few days on these and you'll wonder why you ever thought you needed more than one pair of skis.
Fischer Twin Skis Power EF IFP Waxless Cross Country Skis + Tour IFP Bindings
The Twin Skis Power EF IFP Waxless Cross Country Skis with Tour IFP Bindings is a ski for newcomers and advanced skiers who are in search of a reliable companion. Two skin strips arranged in slightly offset positions and with variable base-depth integration result in great glide glide and reliable grip in all conditions. The 70% mohair and the new Efficient Forward technology offer you a forgiving kick action and an easygoing skiing experience.
Salomon Equipe 7 Skate Cross Country Skis 2016
The Salomon Equipe 7 Skate cross country ski is wider throughout its shape with a 47mm tail and built around a Densolite 2000 core and G3 base for plenty of stability and control. The Equipe 7 Skate cross country ski will build your confidence in and enjoyment of skate from the first push.
Salomon QST Myriad 85 Women's Skis
The Salomon QST Myriad 85 Skis are a great choice for the established front side skier looking for a light and smooth performer to "do it all" with ease and style. The All-Terrain rocker works well in any conditions, with enough tip rocker to handle those deep fresh days and camber underfoot to provide security on hard snow. The Myriad makes you look good without making you work hard, just the way you want it.
Salomon RS 7 Skate Cross Country Skis
The Salomon RS 7 is a great skating ski for athletic skiers looking for speed and performance on the groomed tracks. Salomon's D2FC (Digital Dynamic Flex Control) designs the flex for that weight for that size skier to have optimum control, kick and glide. The Javelin Skating Sidecut has the widest point of the ski closest to the tail that delivers a high amount of propulsion with each skate. The Skating Spaceframe Construction reduces weight in strategic areas to give you a lightweight and powerful ski. The RS 7 comes Premounted with Prolink Bindings to get you out on the trails as soon as you get your package.
Rossignol Experience 74 Skis with Xpress 10 Bindings
A reliable, durable and easy-riding ski for the beginner through advanced intermediate skier, the Rossignol Experience 74 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings are a grab and go package perfect for all your mountain adventures. Thanks to a lively poplar wood core and all terrain rocker profile, edge-to-edge performance is snappy, with easy and forgiving turn initiation and exit. Click in, ride down and never look back!
Rossignol Experience 84 Ai Skis
A reliable all-mountain ski for the frontside ripper. The Rossignol Experience 84 Ai Skis are a grab and go ski that'll excel all over the mountain. This all new Rossignol design features a smooth basalt infused Line Control core and all terrain rocker profile for power and confidence in both soft and hard snow conditions. A moderate waist width and progressive sidecut cap off the Rossignol Experience 84 Ai Skis for a versatile setup that meets the needs of intermediate to advanced skiers that want one setup that will rip piste just as well as the overnight 5" refresh.
Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis
Building off of the versatile Sin 7 design with the added benefit of a lightweight Paulownia woodcore and Rossi's Carbon Alloy Matrix for improved dampening and power, the 98 mm waisted Rossignol Sky 7 HD Skis are the best choice for skiers that want one ski for powder to moguls. The Sky 7 HD Skis also benefit from a brand new Air Tip 2.0 design that takes Rossignol s swing weight reducing design to the next level, further integrating the construction into the overall ski design for a beautiful ski with a silky smooth ride.
Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis
After the introduction of Carbon Alloy Matrix to the best-selling Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis last season, the 2018 model returns with a whole lot more than a fresh coat of paint. Air Tip 2.0 takes the eye-catching design that makes the Soul 7 so distinguishable and makes it even better by further increasing dampness and decreasing deflection while reducing swing weight. Thanks to their ultra-versatile 106 mm waist, the Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis remain adept across the entire mountain, thriving in soft snow with their flotation friendly rocker profile and tapered tip and tail. There's a reason the Soul 7 has been a top seller since its introduction, and it's about time you discovered it's maneuverable, freeride design for yourself!
Fischer RCR Universal JR Cross Country Skis
? Note: Bindings pictured on ski. Binding not included. The Fischer RCR Universal JR cross country skis gives your child the key elements they require for classic skiing. Please note that these skis are not a combi ski and are not suited for skate technique. The Air Channel Basalite core material of the Fischer RCR Universal JR cross country skis save up to 250g in weight compared to other cores. The construction of the Fischer RCR Universal JR cross country ski is designed for kids with durability in mind. A rental tail protector makes the skis extremely robust to ensure top durability. The World Cup Pro base and Wax Speed Grinding of the Fischer RCR Universal JR cross country skis ensures perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions.
Fischer Traverse 78 Waxless Cross Country Skis
Note: Bindings pictured on ski. Binding not included. Tackle terrain confidently with the Fischer Traverse 78 Crown/Skin cross-country skis. Their wide profile is stable in untracked conditions and the waxless bases provide good grip for climbing hills. Full metal edges dig into hard snow and ice to optimize control on steep terrain. Nordic Rocker camber on the Fischer Traverse 78 Crown/Skin cross-country skis allows the ski tip to open for increased float and easier turning in variable snow conditions. When you need more climbing power than the waxless pattern provides, you can quickly and easily add the 650mm long Fischer EZ Skins (sold separately).
DPS Cassiar 82 Foundation Skis
The narrowest offering in the Cassiar range, the DPS Cassiar 82 Foundation Skis are a ripping option for dedicated front side skiers looking for performance on the "not pow" days, but without the grabby and hard to initiate feel of race-oriented carver skis. A great addition to your quiver for that "hasn't snowed in two weeks" spot in the quiver, or as a teaching ski for instructors.
DPS Cassiar 94 Foundation Skis
The Cassiar is the ultimate carving ski that DPS designs, and the Foundation construction is the stiffest. Put the two together, and you'll be charging down corduroy with DPS's stiffest carver: the Cassiar 94 Foundation Ski. This ski best-serves the harder chargers out there who like tight turns at high speeds on firm snow—we're talking three- to five-day resort snow. A 94mm waist makes this the widest Cassiar that DPS makes, which makes it better-suited for heavier riders, or skiers looking for more versatility when there's some soft snow out there. DPS shaped the Cassiar with a pretty heavy rocker at the tip and a flatter tail, resulting in a playful ride that can make turns as easy as it can snap out of them. There's just enough camber underfoot to help you spring in and out of turns, as well as hold an edge when the snow gets dicey. The Foundation construction features a thick carbon laminate and triaxial fiberglass to drastically increase the ski's stiffness without disturbing the bouncy, poppy wood core's natural flex. DPS added durable sidewalls and a textured top sheet that should stay solid for seasons of charging.
DPS Cassiar Foundation 95 Skis
The Cassiar 95 sports a 95mm waist that stays afloat in fresh snow and lays it down in firm variable conditions. The rockered tip eases turn initiation and keeps you on the surface while you're plowing through an unexpected 6 inches of fresh, and camber underfoot lets you rally groomers until the cows come home. Poppy poplar and vibration-damping bamboo work in harmony to deliver a smooth and playful ride, while carbon and fiberglass laminates strengthen and stabilize the ski so you can let it rip on the steeps with confidence and control.
DPS Uschi 82 Foundation Women's Skis
The new DPS Uschi 82 Foundation Skis are frontside rippers without the hooky, stubborn race feel of other carvers. This Foundation version, with it's bamboo and poplar core and more fiberglass/less carbon in the layup, will be damper and smoother than the same ski in the Alchemist build, and arguably better as a lift-served choice. If your preference is for powerful and precise turns on the groomed but you don't shy away from a day with 8" of fresh, this is a tremendous and versatile choice in skis.
DPS Uschi 94 Foundation Women's Skis
The Uschi 94 features the new C2 platform--the widest of the Uschi line starts skewing more towards soft snow performance for most women, but is still accessible as a wider everyday resort board in deeper snow climates. The Foundation choice will feel damper, smoother, and more forgiving than the Alchemist, yet also less reactive and energetic. C2 chassis.
DPS Uschi Foundation 82 Skis
With a slim, 82mm waist, the DPS Uschi 82 Foundation Skis are perfect for blazing on-piste, while remaining playful in the trees, moshing through moguls, and dabbling in shallow powder. Shaped with DPS s Chassis Design, the sidecut and flex pattern are paired perfectly, landing you with a fine-tuned feel every time you arrive at the top of the ski hill. The powerful and damp, but lightweight bamboo/poplar core of the DPS Uschi 82 Foundation Skis allow you to feel like you're floating on air.
DPS Wailer 112 Alchemist Skis
Without altering the legendary shape of the original Wailer 112, the engineers at DPS have implemented their latest and greatest Alchemist pure carbon core. The arrival of this technology on the DPS Wailer 112 Alchemist Skis improves on Pure3 carbon with unprecedented dampness and smoothness while still being playfully effective in a variety of conditions. With an established reputation as the shape that helps you ski better and have more fun, the DPS Wailer 112 Alchemist Skis are sure to be one of the most coveted all-around powder weapons in the game.
DPS Wailer Foundation 106 Skis
the DPS Wailer 106 Foundation Skis. The centerpiece of their new Chassis Design ideology, the Wailer 106 is up for just about anything. This new philosophy centers around the concept that a ski should be built from your center of balance outwards, using variable material types, thicknesses, and shaping, rather than simply laying material down on a pre-determined mold, "sandwich" style. The DPS Wailer 106 Foundation Skis combine brand new bi-phase bamboo and poplar with unidrectional carbon, for DPS best combination of dampness and power yet. The DPS Wailer 106 Foundation Skis are at your beck and call, adapting to your style and terrain choice effortlessly, from a big-mountain line to freshly groomed corduroy.
DPS Wailer Foundation 99 Skis
For an all-day, everyday workhorse with a narrower platform than their F112 counterpart, look no further than the DPS Wailer F99 Foundation Skis. They've got the classic Wailer rocker profile, which means you get easy turn entry and exit and superior float in the soft stuff. Plus the new Foundation construction gives them unparalleled power and dampness. From tearing up the hardpack, to playing around in the crud, to first tracks on a powder day, the DPS Wailer F99 Foundation Skis are bound to exceed your expectations.
Atomic Bent Chetler 100 Skis
We'll be honest, there were plenty of people at evo who scoffed at the notion of a skinny Bent Chetler. "Who needs it?" was a common refrain. Well, we've changed our minds, and WE need it. The Atomic Bent Chetler 100 Skis aren't really trying to be a carver ski masquerading as an "all-mountain" ride, though they can perform a clean turn on groomed as well as most. What they are is a ton of fun in a narrower package that doesn't burden you with pow day width when it hasn't snowed in a couple weeks. Light on the feet, playful and with plenty under the hood when you need it, the Chetler 100 actually kills it in just about any conditions, and does so without excess baggage. Check a pair out, we think you'll agree.
Atomic Vantage 86 C Skis
Confidence inspiring, nimble and tons of fun, the Atomic Vantage 86 C Skis are your ticket to an all-terrain thrill ride. Wide enough for mixed-bag conditions and reinforced with a carbon mesh weave for stability and power, these sticks are capable navigators of frontside terrain. A light weight poplar wood core provides excellent shock absorption and forgiveness, rounding out the Atomic Vantage 86 C Skis' inviting and capable feel.
Atomic Vantage 86 C Women's Skis
Full sidewalls and a strong camber profile combine with Atomic s new Prolite construction, carbon mesh reinforcements and light tip rocker in the Atomic Vantage 86 C W Skis. What does this mean for you, the skier? It's a fantastic blend of stability at speed and edge grip, with the lightweight versatility and easy turn initiation you need for mastering every run, chute and glade on the mountain.
Atomic Vantage 97 C Skis
From float in powder to trenching groomers late into the day, the Atomic Vantage 97 C Skis are a balanced, easy-riding pair of skis that won't let you down when speed and slope angle increase. Engineered from the ground up with smart materials where it matters, and none where it doesn't, the Vantage 97 C Skis shred corduroy, tree runs, and surprise powder days equally well - a fantastic one ski quiver for skiers looking to discover the whole mountain.
Volkl Chica with 4.5 V-motion Jr Binding Women's Skis
The Chica Jr. from Volkl is an excellent option for growing girls who are looking to improve and grow their skills on the frontside of the mountain. A Composite Core keeps the weight of the ski remarkably low, but has enough stability to have your little lady test her speed limit. Volkl's Power Shell Construction uses a full Cap Construction that keeps the ski forgiving, maneuverable and durable. Rocker in the tip will help your little girl push out a snowplow or start to link parallel turns when she is ready.
Volkl Flair 73 Women's Skis with V-motion 10 GW Bindings
New to skiing and looking to progress on your own pair of skis? The Völkl Flair 73 Skis + VMotion 10 GW Bindings is a great setup to get up and at 'em. Exemplary of Völkl quality and workmanship, these skis provide a progressive ride that is responsive and forgiving at the same time. A smooth, gradual tip rocker helps initiate turns without any hookiness at slow speeds, while a forgiving core and Progressive sidewalls make the Volkl Flair 73 Skis + VMotion 10 GW Bindings just what you need to move well beyond the bunny slopes.
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