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Volkl 90EIGHT Skis
The 90Eight from Volkl makes a perfect ski for the strong intermediate to expert level skier who never knows where a day on the mountain will take them. You can be blazing the groomers, dive into some trees or hike up to the cirque all on one ski in a single day. The 90Eight this season gets Volkl's new 3D Glass. 3D Glass has vertically laminated glass behind the sidewalls and horizontally wrapped glass above the sidewalls to add more torsional power, edge hold and increased rebound. 3D Ridge Technology has a thin construction above the sidewalls with a raised ridge in the center of the ski that lowers the amount of inertia it takes to maneuver the ski into a turn. Carbon Stringers combined with Volkl's Multi-Layer WoodCore is stable enough for you to charge at full speed through dicey snow, but lightweight enough for you to throw them over your shoulder to hike up and earn some deep turns.
Volkl Yumi Women's Skis
The Volkl Yumi is a favorite ski for a broad range of skiers. Rocker in the tip and tail with camber underfoot provides you with easy turn entry and easy turn exit, with enough grip and rebound to tackle firm Eastern slopes. This season the Yumi gets a Titanal Band that sits above the Multi-Layer WoodCore that drives extra energy, edge hold and stability to the ski, while adding little extra weight. The 84mm waist loves to carve medium radius turns on the frontside of the mountain with the flotation to help to challenge yourself in the bumps and dip into the trees on occasion
Fischer Twin Skis Power EF IFP Waxless Cross Country Skis + Tour IFP Bindings
The Twin Skis Power EF IFP Waxless Cross Country Skis with Tour IFP Bindings is a ski for newcomers and advanced skiers who are in search of a reliable companion. Two skin strips arranged in slightly offset positions and with variable base-depth integration result in great glide glide and reliable grip in all conditions. The 70% mohair and the new Efficient Forward technology offer you a forgiving kick action and an easygoing skiing experience.
Salomon  Equipe 7 Skate Cross Country Skis 2016
The Salomon Equipe 7 Skate cross country ski is wider throughout its shape with a 47mm tail and built around a Densolite 2000 core and G3 base for plenty of stability and control. The Equipe 7 Skate cross country ski will build your confidence in and enjoyment of skate from the first push.
Salomon Luan Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings
Perfectly designed to let you get up and running in a hurry, the Salomon Luan Skis + Lithium 10 Bindings are an integrated package that favors easy turning and forgiving cruising. This ski and binding combo is so user-friendly you'll find yourself hooked on the sport in no time.
Salomon QST Lux 92 Women's Skis
The Salomon QST Lux 92 makes an excellent ski for a wide range of skiers looking for versatility. Salomon's new CFX Superfiber technology works with a Spaceframe Wood Core to be stable and strong without adding any extra weight to the ski, it actually makes the Lux lighter. Salomon's Power Transfer Platform has a stronger construction in the center of the ski that keeps it rigid underfoot for extra edge hold and responsiveness while the tips and tails are softer for a higher energy transfer and more efficient skiing. A Koroyd Tip reduces tip chatter and increases maneuverability by pulling heavier material away from the tip of the ski for a lower swingweight. If you are looking for a very well rounded ski that can take you off the groomers, while still being fantastic in any condition, the Salomon QST Lux 92 is the ski for you.
Rossignol Experience 77 Skis + Xpress 11 Bindings
The Rossignol Experience 77 BA is a great ski for the athletic beginner to intermediate skier looking for a lightweight skit that is very easy to control. Rossignol's Auto Turn Rocker has a small amount of rocker in the tip and tail that helps you initiate and drift a turn to help you find your edges and learn to carve quickly. An Extended Sidecut allows you to test your speed limits by providing you with more sidecut when you add more angle to your edges when you are skiing faster and less sidecut when you are skiing slow for easier control. The Air Tip Construction pulls heavier material away from the tip of the ski to lower the swingweight for less fatiguing turns. The Experience 77 has a Basalt and Poplar Core that feels light on your feet, but stable when you build you confidence up enough to let them run. The Rossitop Cap Construction keeps the ski forgiving and easy to control, making this a favorite ski for the relatively new skier coming out of rentals.
Rossignol Famous 6 Womens Skis + Xpress 11 Bindings
The Rossignol Famous 6 is a perfect ski for the intermediate skiing women who will be skiing in the Midwest or Northeast. This smooth carver is light on your feet thanks to the Paulownia wood core, but is sturdy enough for you to test your speed limits. A Sandwich Duracap Construction has a cap construction in the tip and tail with a vertical sidewall underfoot that provides you with an easy to turn feel, with the edge hold when you need it. Rossignol's Prop Tip Construction pulls heavier material away from the tip of the ski for a lower swingweight and easy turning into any turn shape you want. Power Turn Rocker initiates turns quickly and delivers rebound to have you feeling confidant at any speed.
Rossignol Pursuit 100 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings
Bring an extra helping of sidecut to the mountain with the Rossignol Pursuit 100 skis with Xpress 10 bindings for railing turns on groomers. The Pursuit 100 has a narrow, groomer dedicated, waist that is 74mm wide. Meanwhile, its tip and tail flair out beyond 120 and 110mm, respectively. That equates to a super short 13m turn radius that makes turn initiation easier than catching a red light. Its cap construction helps with top sheet wear so these skis will keep their glossy shine for years to come. Their flex is medium to soft so that you can easily adapt to changing terrain without expending too much effort.
Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis
After the introduction of Carbon Alloy Matrix to the best-selling Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis last season, the 2018 model returns with a whole lot more than a fresh coat of paint. Air Tip 2.0 takes the eye-catching design that makes the Soul 7 so distinguishable and makes it even better by further increasing dampness and decreasing deflection while reducing swing weight. Thanks to their ultra-versatile 106 mm waist, the Rossignol Soul 7 HD Skis remain adept across the entire mountain, thriving in soft snow with their flotation friendly rocker profile and tapered tip and tail. There's a reason the Soul 7 has been a top seller since its introduction, and it's about time you discovered it's maneuverable, freeride design for yourself!
Rossignol Temptation 75 Women's Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings
You've grown tired of the janky rentals you've been paired up with each season; replace them with your own pair of Rossignol Temptation 75 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings! Ideal for newer skiers or recreational riders that are looking for a great all-round cruiser setup, these skis will work wonders and make everyday fun. Setup with Air Tip technology for reduced swing weight and an easy-riding Auto Turn profile, the Rossignol Temptation 75 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings are easy, breezy and conveniently beautiful.
Fischer RCR Universal JR Cross Country Skis
? Note: Bindings pictured on ski. Binding not included. The Fischer RCR Universal JR cross country skis gives your child the key elements they require for classic skiing. Please note that these skis are not a combi ski and are not suited for skate technique. The Air Channel Basalite core material of the Fischer RCR Universal JR cross country skis save up to 250g in weight compared to other cores. The construction of the Fischer RCR Universal JR cross country ski is designed for kids with durability in mind. A rental tail protector makes the skis extremely robust to ensure top durability. The World Cup Pro base and Wax Speed Grinding of the Fischer RCR Universal JR cross country skis ensures perfect gliding properties in all snow conditions.
Fischer Spider 62 Crown Waxless Cross Country Skis
Note: Bindings pictured on ski. Binding not included. Skis are will accept flat-mount, screw-in bindings. The Fischer Spider 62 makes a great cross country ski for skiers looking to spend time on trail and off trail. The Air Tec Steel Edge will give you stability and edge hold on traverses or making your way downhill. Nordic Rocker Camber has a little bit of early rise in the tips of the ski that will not affect your gliding, but grant you more control when you need to make some turns, snow plow or maneuver around the outdoors.
Fischer Traverse 78 Waxless Cross Country Skis
Note: Bindings pictured on ski. Binding not included. Tackle terrain confidently with the Fischer Traverse 78 Crown/Skin cross-country skis. Their wide profile is stable in untracked conditions and the waxless bases provide good grip for climbing hills. Full metal edges dig into hard snow and ice to optimize control on steep terrain. Nordic Rocker camber on the Fischer Traverse 78 Crown/Skin cross-country skis allows the ski tip to open for increased float and easier turning in variable snow conditions. When you need more climbing power than the waxless pattern provides, you can quickly and easily add the 650mm long Fischer EZ Skins (sold separately).
DPS Cassiar Foundation 95 Skis
The Cassiar 95 sports a 95mm waist that stays afloat in fresh snow and lays it down in firm variable conditions. The rockered tip eases turn initiation and keeps you on the surface while you're plowing through an unexpected 6 inches of fresh, and camber underfoot lets you rally groomers until the cows come home. Poppy poplar and vibration-damping bamboo work in harmony to deliver a smooth and playful ride, while carbon and fiberglass laminates strengthen and stabilize the ski so you can let it rip on the steeps with confidence and control.
DPS Uschi Foundation 82 Skis
With a slim, 82mm waist, the DPS Uschi 82 Foundation Skis are perfect for blazing on-piste, while remaining playful in the trees, moshing through moguls, and dabbling in shallow powder. Shaped with DPS s Chassis Design, the sidecut and flex pattern are paired perfectly, landing you with a fine-tuned feel every time you arrive at the top of the ski hill. The powerful and damp, but lightweight bamboo/poplar core of the DPS Uschi 82 Foundation Skis allow you to feel like you're floating on air.
DPS Wailer Foundation 106 Skis
the DPS Wailer 106 Foundation Skis. The centerpiece of their new Chassis Design ideology, the Wailer 106 is up for just about anything. This new philosophy centers around the concept that a ski should be built from your center of balance outwards, using variable material types, thicknesses, and shaping, rather than simply laying material down on a pre-determined mold, "sandwich" style. The DPS Wailer 106 Foundation Skis combine brand new bi-phase bamboo and poplar with unidrectional carbon, for DPS best combination of dampness and power yet. The DPS Wailer 106 Foundation Skis are at your beck and call, adapting to your style and terrain choice effortlessly, from a big-mountain line to freshly groomed corduroy.
DPS Wailer Foundation 99 Skis
For an all-day, everyday workhorse with a narrower platform than their F112 counterpart, look no further than the DPS Wailer F99 Foundation Skis. They've got the classic Wailer rocker profile, which means you get easy turn entry and exit and superior float in the soft stuff. Plus the new Foundation construction gives them unparalleled power and dampness. From tearing up the hardpack, to playing around in the crud, to first tracks on a powder day, the DPS Wailer F99 Foundation Skis are bound to exceed your expectations.
Atomic Backland FR 102 Skis
The Atomic Backland FR 102 Skis are the slimmest in the Backland FR family, but their combination of lightweight materials and solid construction make them a dual threat to be reckoned with across the mountain. The powder rocker profile provides ample lift and tracking through softer snow and combines with a light wood, carbon-reinforced construction that can transition from moguls to the skintrack in a heartbeat. For skiers that don't need the surface area of its bigger Backland brothers, the Atomic Backland FR 102 Skis are a fantastic choice for backcountry enthusiasts and all-mountain freeriders alike.
Atomic Redster Classic Cross Country Skis
The ski's core features a Nomex powercell, which makes the ski livelier and even more lightweight. In combination with the Redster profile it delivers an explosive kick and longer glide phases, maximized by the Redster Sidecut. SEGMENT: CLASSIC GENDER: UNISEX STYLE: RACE LENGTH: 191, 196, 201, 206 SIDECUT (MM): 44,5-42-44 PROFILE: RACE PROFILE WAXING SYSTEM: WAXABLE CORE CONSTRUCTION: POWERCELL STIFFNESS/VERSION: MED, HARD RACE PROFILE BASE BI 4000 POWERCELL Base Index 4000 RACE PROFILE POWERCELL Core
Atomic Vantage 85 Women's Skis
These easy riders have gently rockered tips and tails that provide reliable tracking and stability through varied conditions, yet retain Atomic s Firewall sidewalls for solid power transmission on hardpack. The Atomic Vantage 85 W Skis also feature a lively, forgiving light wood core for a fun, confidence inspiring setup best suited for beginner through advanced all-mountain skiers.
Volkl Flair 76 Skis + V-Motion 10 Bindings
The Flair 76 from Volkl is a fantastic option for the intermediate to advanced skier looking for easy control and smooth turns on the groomers. Volkl's Woodcore feels light on your feet, yet still delivers stability when you are gaining some speed on the blues and easy black diamonds. Rocker in the tip of the Flair 76 initiates turns easily while the camber on the rest of the ski adds rebound and grip when conditions get firm. A Central Sidewall Construction has a vertical sidewall under the binding platform to add edge hold for icy days, while the cap construction reduces the total weight of the ski and improves your maneuverability.
Volkl RTM 76 Skis + V-Motion 10 Bindings
Whether you're just starting out and looking for a setup you can use for years to come, or have been skiing since you were a kid and are finally stepping away from rentals, the Volkl RTM 76 Skis + VMotion 10.0 GW Bindings are your ticket to ride. A step-down style sidewall provides you with fantastic edge grip and power directly underfoot, while the cap construction in the tip and tail increases durability and cuts down on weight. And with signature RTM rocker and shape, this setup is easy-handling yet stable when you decide to open up the throttle.
Volkl RTM 8.0 Skis + FDT TP 10 Bindings
A softer, more forgiving ski for the up and coming shredder, the 2018 Volkl RTM 8.0 Ski with Bindings feature the tech you need to feel confident and improve. Lightweight construction makes these skis very easy to maneuver, and the softer flex allows you to engage the camber properly to improve your carving performance. Tip rocker enhances turn initiation and helps to prevent tip catching, so you feel more confident to really engage your edges properly and let the ski do the turning.Take on new parts of the mountain and unleash your full potential on the RTM 8.0 Skis.
Salomon XDR 78 ST Skis + Mercury 11 Bindings
The Salomon XDR 78 ST is a great ski for the athletic beginner up to solid intermediate skier looking for a lightweight and easy to control ski. The Semi-Sandwich Construction has a cap construction in the tip and the tail of the ski to keep it forgiving and easy to turn for a skier still finding their feet underneath them and a vertical sidewall under the binding platform to deliver edge grip when you need it. A Woodcore adds even more forgiveness, a layer of Basalt provides strength with even more weight reduction, and a single Titanium Laminate adds stability for the times when you want to find your speed limit. Salomon's All-Terrain Rocker 2.0 will help you roll in and out of turns with little effort. The XDR 78 ST also has a Pulse Pad which is elastomers that sit behind the edges of the ski to dampen vibrations when conditions get a little bumpy. If you are a progressing beginner, or looking to get out of annoying rental shop lines the Salomon XDR 78 ST will be a perfect ski for you.
Rossignol BC 70 Waxless Cross Country Skis
The BC 70 is a light, metal-edge touring ski designed for off-trail exploring or light on-trail use. The waxless Positrack base provides maximum grip and the best compromise between kick and glide in all snow conditions. Full-length metal edges and a taller camber height provide off and on-trail versatility.
Rossignol Experience 88 HD Skis + SPX 12 DUAL WTR Bindings
The Experience 88 HD from Rossignol is always a popular ski for the strong intermediate up to the expert skier looking for a smooth carving ski with the waist width to roll through crud or fresh snow on the frontside of the mountain. Rossignol's Carbon Alloy Matrix adds extra boosting power and edge hold when you ramp up the speed. The Carbon Alloy Matrix is made from Basalt and Carbon that keeps the weight of the E88 as low as possible without any compromise to stability. The Air Tip pulls heavier material away from the tip of the ski to lower the swingweight for effortless carves in any turn shape. A Extended Sidecut enables you to have consistent edge contact regardless of the amount of angle you put on your edges when you are skiing fast or snow. Auto Turn Rocker has a rockered tip and slight amount of tail rocker with camber underfoot for quick entry and exit into a turn with the grip and rebound to offer even the most aggressive skiers a performance they will love when you are really pushing the Experience 88 HD down the mountain.
Rossignol Smash 7 XP Skis + Xpress 11 Bindings
The Rossignol Smash 7 Skis + Xpress 11 Bindings are perfect all-mountain skis for tweens and adult shredders alike. They'll comfortably handle everything winter throws at them and come back for more, whether you're seeking out hidden powder stashes or lapping the gondola with the fam. Light and stable, yet comfortable at speed, the Smash 7 is a no-nonsense all-mountain setup tuned for intermediate to advanced riders that want a fun, easy-going ride.
Rossignol Temptation 77 Skis + Xpress W 10 Bindings
Like a great ski instructor, the Rossignol Temptation 77 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings encourage progression with their forgiving and fun shape. And you don't even have to tip them. Their narrower waist is ideal for groomed runs, but features a mellow tip and tail rocker profile that can tackle variable and soft snow conditions with aplomb. Easy on the eyes and versatile enough to grow with you as you progress, the Rossignol Temptation 77 Skis + Xpress 10 Bindings are the perfect tool for increasing your comfort levels and fun on the mountain!
Fischer  Inspire My Style NIS Waxless Cross Country Skis
The Inspire My Style uses the popular Orbiter to give women a great lightweight ski, whether you're gliding along the tracks or the cruising through the meadows.Even though it's built "shorter" than traditional track skis, we've found that the glide of the Inspire is awesome, and it's even easier to maneuver. With its multi-shape sidecut you have a ski that glides at a good speed, but has control and turns! Core construction is Fischer's lightweight Basalite Air Core with Fischer's new Power Layer construction. With its sintered base, high-tech Vario Crown waxless pattern and easy size fitting, this is a ski that will certainly sell out again. NIS Plate for easy assembly and adjustment.
  • Photo shows skis with bindings; however, bindings are sold separately
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