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Skate Ski Bindings

Rottefella Rollerski is specially designed for roller skis. The binding is constructed to withstand heavy loads. - Wider binding housing for better stability. - Lightweight. - Optimal power transfer. We take security seriously. Mounting should be done by qualyfied person with access to the mounting jig.
Xcelerator Junior is the binding for young, ambitious skiers. It has the same unique technology as the Xcelerator for adults, including low weight, interchangeable flexors and a precise locking mechanism. Juniors will also appreciate the improved grip for easy opening with or without gloves. Xcelerator keeps the body in a more upright position, giving more power, more speed and a better grip. You don't need to be grown-up to enjoy it. - Easy to open and close - Low weight - Optimal control - Weight: 207 g - Length: 323 mm - Width: 52 mm - Shoesize: 36-39
Rottefella Sport Skate screw-in binding is Rottefella's lightest and most durable screw-in binding for classic skiing. The binding can be screwed-in all cross country skis without a mounting plate. - Weight: 205 g - Length: 296 mm - Width: 56 mm - Shoe size: 36-52
In order to satisfy an ever-increasing tribe of recreational skiers who want to get more pleasure from their skiing activities, Rottefella has developed the Performance ski binding, with models adapted to both skating and classic style. Cross country skiing is the clear "in" favourite. Calories burn off, just about every muscle and sinew is in active use, but at the same time there is no overloading of joints and other risk areas. Rottefella Performance is a binding where three functions in particular will contribute to increasing the enjoyment of cross country skiers: The Rottefella Key – The key to a better skiing experience in the fight against lack of grip or skis that lack sufficient glide, you now have the Rottefella Key. A balanced binding—The Rottefella Performance has a reinforced binding housing that has been optimised for balance and stability. The locking mechanism – a vital detail when you are eager to get going – or when you are trying to open the binding with frozen fingers – you want this to be as easy as possible. - Weight: 193 g - Length: 296 mm - Width: 56 mm - Shoesize: 36-52
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