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Scott Buzz Kid's Goggles
Is your teenager all over the mountain doing crazy stuff? Can you hardly listen to the skiing stories they tell you? Proper eye safety might be the only protection you can offer your young ripper. One thing you can be sure of is that the Buzz goggles will protect your teenager's eyes while they fly down the mountain. The goggles come with a bunch of technology that you can find in Scott's high end goggles. The goggles feature Scott's Cylindrical TruView double lens which is a great option for those looking for a durable low profile lens. The double lens set up helps to cut down on fogging and add a little more clarity. The lenses are treated with Scott's NoFog anti-fog treatment which also helps to cut down on moisture build up. The goggles are equipped with Scott's Air Control System which helps with comfort and visibility. The frame has a single layer of dense face foam so that the elements stay out of your teen's eyes. The goggles have a No-slip silicone strap which ensures that the goggles do not move around of fall off on super bumpy trails. These goggles are great for teens who are stepping it up and want to look good on the slopes.
Scott Fact Goggles
The Scott Fact Goggle is all about optimal fit and a clean look. These are the defining features of our new contemporary frame. The Fact allows you to indulge yourself with a rock steady goggle without breaking the bank.
Scott Muse Goggles
The SCOTT Muse goggle offers all of the great features you come to expect in a Scott goggle in a package specifically catered to a smaller face fit. The Muse goggle features a Cylindrical TruView lens and single layer face foam, offering skiers with smaller faces a high performing goggle at a friendly price.
Giro Agent Goggles
Double-O-Shred reporting for duty. Slap on the Giro Agent Goggles and snipe lines like a pro. A set of VIVID Zeiss lenses change out in a flash with a magnetic quick change system for the best vision possible in all weather, while the EXV frameless design merges comfort with a huge field of view.
Giro Rev Kid's Goggles
Shredders, start your engines, don your helmets and Giro Rev Goggles, and prepare for the most fun you've ever had in your life. Perfectly sized for mid-sized rippers and fog resistant to boot, the Rev Goggles come in frame and strap color combinations to please every taste.
Scott Faze II Goggles
$79.99 - $99.99
The Scott Faze II Goggle's pride and joy is the OptiView double lens due to its expansive field of vision and low-profile spherical design that leaves the snowy trail ahead of you completely undistorted. Not only will you have an accurate picture as far as spacial awareness and distortion goes, you'll also have boosted clarity and contrast thanks to the Scott Amplifier lens technology. To keep your vision from clouding up you've got an anti-fog lens treatment, as well as subtle vents to intake air and clear the inside lens of any built-up moisture. The double layered face foam will sit comfortably around your eyes and in line with your helmet for an ideal and comfortable fit, while the no-slip silicne strap keeps everything firmly in place.
Scott Habit OTG Goggles
A solid entry- level Over-the-Glass (OTG), the SCOTT Habit is designed for the skier who’s looking for great functionality and wears prescription eyewear. With a sophisticated, highly comfortable design this is one habit you will be glad you picked up.
Scott Jr Agent Kid's Goggles
$19.99 - $24.99
Perfect eyewear for your little ripper, the Scott Jr Agent Goggle keeps your wee one's vision of the slopes nice and clear. Optimized for smaller faces, it comes with an anti-fog treated lens with enhanced contrast and clarity, and single-layer face foam for all day comfort.
Scott Jr Tracer Kid's Goggles
Scott Jr. Tracer Goggles - Youth: Solid in every category you could ask for is the Scott Jr. Tracer Goggles. Scott s No Fog Lens treatment insures maximum visibility for junior rippers. ACS vents also provide a comfortable ride all day long.
Scott LCG Goggles
Scotts signature goggle, the LCG goggles are built for skiers who demand top notch performance out of all of their equipment. Being able to see all of the terrain elements in front of you clearly is really the only option when skiing. The LCG ensures that this will be the case next time out by jam packing this goggle with the Spherical SCOTT OptiView double lens, anti-fog coating, and quick change slider system. This combination adds contrast to normally flat snow, keeps you seeing clearly even on moist days, and lets you switch out lenses when the light conditions change. Additionally the skeleton construction, a silicone strap, and three layers of face foam keep your goggles in place with or without a helmet for maximum all day comfort.
Scott Linx Women's Goggles
The SCOTT Linx goggle features an excellent field of vision packed into a sleek, modern frame design. A spherical OptiView lens delivers the best in distortion free optics and SCOTT’s Fit System adjustment allows you to dial a custom fit to your face.
Oakley Fall Line Goggles
The Oakley Fall Line Goggles build on the cylindrical craze that was fueled by the Line Miner with a new frame optimized for more mid-sized faces. Cool looks, maximum protection from the elements, and compatibility with many types of eyeglasses make the new Oakley Fall Line a choice setup for glasses-wearing riders and style-gurus alike.
Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles
Love that "Top Gun" field of vision, but find the regular Flight Deck squashing your nose when you put on your helmet? Try the downsized Oakley Flight Deck XM Goggles in a more compact, mid-sized fit that still delivers the best field of view in the business. Just like the full-sized Flight Deck, the XM is defined by its exceptionally clean frameless design, with a sub frame attachment system that makes lens changes easy as pie. The traditional Oakley niceties like best-in-class optics, F3 anti-fog coating, and temple notches to accommodate eyeglasses are all there, too. Step down to the new Oakley Flight Deck XM so you can have your cake and see it too.
Oakley Line Miner Goggles
$119.99 - $149.99
The Oakley Line Miner Goggles are designed to sit closer to the face than any previous model, so you get unparalleled downward and peripheral vision. Plus, they're fully helmet compatible and feature discreet frame notches at the temples for compatibility with most prescription eyewear. Add Oakley s Prizm™ technology (in select colorways) and you've got yourself a goggle that provides Oakley s seamless mix of superior performance and effortless style.
Oakley O-Frame 2.0 XL Goggles
Your airs are extra large, your lines are extra large, so why shouldn't your goggles be extra large too? Well thanks to the Oakley O Frame 2.0 XL Goggle you'll be able to see more on the slopes as your ride in style and comfort. The larger, streamlined frame delivers a wide field of vision that'll help keep more obstacles and riders in sight on the hill, with an unobtrusive design that won't feel stiff or clunky. Two vents on the goggle front help keep you cool and prevent fog, while the variety of Oakley lens tints ensures that you can pinpoint the right lens for any conditions. You've also got Oakley's High Definition Optics lens technology, which minimizes distortion and delivers a truer visual image, keeping you safer while you rip and ride.
Oakley O-Frame 2.0 XM Goggles
Throw on the Oakley O Frame 2.0 XM Goggle and get ready to shred all season long. Its large lens ensures a great field of vision, and Oakley's High Definition Optics Technology reduces distortion unlike most conventional lenses. The lens also provide 100% protection from harmful UVA, UVB, and UVC rays to keep your eyes safe from the sun, and the included bonus lens can be easily swapped out to provide better visibility in differing light conditions.
Oakley O-Frame 2.0 XS Kid's Goggles
$49.99 - $50.00
You're gonna want to make sure your growing young ripper has a good goggle on the slopes, because these days it seems like they need to look farther and farther uphill to find you. Give your speedy daredevil the Oakley O Frame 2.0 XS Goggle and get a youth specific fit with grown up performance. Designed specifically for smaller faces, this goggles' frame will comfortably contour to your young one's face for a hassle-free fit and all day comfort. The lenses are outfitted with Oakley's High Definition Optics lens technology, which ensures less distortion and a truer visual image than standard lenses, so they can stay safe as they ski with a clear and accurate picture. You'll also be able to give yourself peace of mind with the full UV protection that this goggle provides, making it easier and safer for them to be out all day on bluebird days.
Giro Axis Goggles
The premium Giro Axis Goggles provide you with crystal-clear VIVID vision and a semi-frameless, cylindrical lens EXV design for insane peripheral vision and style points. Giro also included their magnetized quick-change lens system for on the go swapping and a new EVAK venting foam, making the Giro Axis Goggles one of the sickest sets of eye-ball protectors in the game.
Giro Cruz Kid's Goggles
Cruise down the slopes with confidence, when you wear the Cruz Goggles from Giro. These snowboarding goggles feature a bright green cylindrical thermo-formed lens, with an anti-fog coating designed to prevent moisture build-up and give you the best field of vision possible. The frame is designed to last, while the lenses can be swapped out easily when needed. Perfect for snowboarding or skiing, these goggles will help you have a clear view of the slopes every time. Pair with a Giro helmet for seamless compatibility.
Giro Dylan Women's Goggles
It doesn't take a weatherman to tell you that the Giro Dylan Goggles offer a killer wide view at a price that will let you pick up the first round of drinks after a day of chasing pow turns. With plenty of stylish colorways to choose from and seamless compatibility with Giro snow helmets, the Dylan gives you the same brilliant viewpoint every riding day.
Giro Eave Women's Goggles
The Giro Eave Goggles are a new, modern design featuring Giro s superior VIVID optics by Zeiss paired with a sleek frameless style. Two VIVID lenses (one bright, one low light) are included with the Eave, featuring Giro s quick change magnetic system. Upgrade your eyewear and don't look back with the cutting edge Giro Eave Goggles.
Giro Ella Women's Goggles
The Giro Ella Goggles offer more than just sophisticated stylin' - they're incredible versatile and ultra-practical, too. With a magnetic-assist Quick Change lens system and premium VIVID lenses, it's easy to swap out for something more suited to current conditions. All-new EVAK venting and a triple-layer face foam make the Giro Ella Goggles incredibly comfortable, while the elegant frameless design combined with retro cylindrical looks adds some serious swagger to your snow-drobe.
Giro Grade Kid's Goggles
$39.99 - $59.99
Your grom will get top marks with the Giro Grade Goggles on his or her face, and shredding will take on a new level of fun with this super comfy, fog resistant and fully helmet compatible answer to the problem of riding while the snow is falling (which as we know is often the best time).
Giro Moxie Women's Goggles
The Giro Moxie Goggles bring stellar technology and style to the table without costing an arm and a leg. The EXV frame vastly improves on the peripheral vision of older, bulkier goggles, and the combination of double-layer face foam and two anti-fog treated lenses make the Giro Moxie Goggles comfy and versatile eye-shields you can count on in the gnarliest winter weather.
Giro Roam Goggles
The Roam from Giro is a great value goggle for anyone looking for a medium fit. An Anti-Fog Coating will prevent fogging of the lenses, even when you are out on the mountain in humid or wet conditions. Giro's EXV (Expansion View Technology) creates a wide field of view and increased peripheral vision for added safety on crowded slopes. The Roam has an included bonus lens that is designed for flat light or nighttime riding. To swap out the lenses, the frames are fairly simple to pull apart, and then you put in the new lens, and snap the frame back together. Double Layer Face Foam with Microfleece Facing will feel soft on your skin and seal out the elements when you are riding in adverse conditions.
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