GBS teams up with Black Mountain of Maine!

FREE season passes!
Reserve your ski or snowboard lease by October 31st to take advantage of this great deal! 
Restrictions apply. See below for details.

2018/2019 Kids’ Leases Start at $129!

Family skiing and riding is more affordable with our kids' lease program AND for your kids 10 and under, the lease comes with a FREE SEASON PASS to Black Mountain in Rumford, if purchased before October 31, 2018! Choose whichever works best for you - our Kids' Ski Lease, Young Adult Ski Lease, or our NEW Kids' Snowboard Lease. Get out there and enjoy!

3 options for your growing family:

*Note - if you will be needing any combination of lease packages, you will need to do them as seperate orders. This will ensure the best organization of the gear.

Kids' Ski Lease

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NOTE: The Kids' Ski Lease equipment is generally for or skiers up to 5'8", 120 pounds maximum and shoe size 8.0 US Men's/26.5 mondopoint. Exceptions apply.

Kids' Snowboard Lease

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NOTE: The Kids' Snowboard Lease equipment is generally for or riders up to 5'0", 95 pounds maximum and shoe sizes between 13 US Kid and 4.0 US Men's. Exceptions apply.

Young Adult Ski Lease

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NOTE: The Young Adult Ski Lease equipment has a maximum boot size of 10.5 US Men's/28.5 mondopoint. Exceptions apply.

Exclusive deals for our ski and snowboard lease parents!

Yes! Free Season Pass!

Reserve your ski or snowboard lease before October 31st for a skier or rider who will be 10 years of age or younger on December 31st, 2018 we'll give your little skier or rider a Free Season's Pass to Black Mountain of Maine in Rumford.
See store for details.

Buy any kids' jacket + pant combo - Save 30%!

Selection varies by location. Discount is off regular priced kids' clothing only.

Buy any kids' ski helmet - Save 20%!

Selection varies by location. Discount is off regular priced kids' ski helmets only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the equipment be properly fit?
At Gorham Bike and Ski, we've made it fast and easy to properly fit your child for ski leasing equipment.

What if my child's boot or ski size changes throughout the winter?
No problem! Just bring the original boots and skis in and, if we have the new size in stock, we'll swap them out at no charge.

When do I return the equipment?
All leased equipment must be returned by April 30. If you would like to return the equipment before April 30. that is not a problem. Be aware there is no-prorating of the leasing fee. All lease fees are non-refundable.

What if I forget to return the equipment?
When you lease the equipment, please be sure to provide an email address to our sales associate when reserving your lease gear. In April, we will send an email reminderer to our lease customers reminding them of the April 30 deadline.