Rossignol Speed 80 Ski Boots - 2019

Rossignol Speed 80 Ski Boots
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All day comfort and performance is the name of the game with the new Rossignol Speed 80 ski boots. This boot from Rossignol is perfect for solid intermediate to advanced skiers that have the most important aspect of their boot purchase as comfort. The new Speed 80 boots have the construction and features to ensure your feet are good. This new Rossignol boot has been designed based of the Allspeed range, with a last width of 104 mm and provides a boot-fitter customizable liner to dial in the fit for your specific foot shape. With an accommodating last width, solid performance flex of 80 and Custom Comfort Fit Liner, you are sure to be a happy camper with the fit, warmth and overall performance of the new Rossignol Speed 80 ski boots. The Sensor Matrix Technology of the new Speed 80 boots provides improved shell wrapping to enhance a power, precision and energy transmission to your skis.


Stiffness Index 80
Forefoot Width 104
Boot Sole Type Alpine DIN (ISO 5355)

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