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Gorham Bike & Ski 3-Year Bicycle Maintenance & Protection Plans

Gorham Bike & Ski 3-Year Bicycle Maintenance & Protection Plans
$49.99 - $2,499.99
Cost of bike:
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One of the best benefits of purchasing your new bike from Gorham Bike & Ski is our unique Maintenance & Protections Plans. These plans can save you hundreds of dollars, and they ensure your bike will be happy, healthy, and ready to ride whenever you are!

Our 3-year Maintenance & Protection Plan has you protected with 100% parts & labor to get you back on the pavement or dirt wherever you are. You get peace of mind knowing the unexpected or standard maintenance costs are covered.

Our 3-year Maintenance & Protection plan includes two of our Silver Tune-Up packages - our most popular tune-up package - for free in the second and third years. That’s a $258 in savings! See below for details of what is included in our Silver Tune-up Package.

Parts and Accessory Replacement The 3-year Maintenance & Protection plan also provides peace of mind knowing you are completely covered for the cost of any parts & accessories, and the labor to replace them, that fail under normal use during the length of your plan. If anything should break or malfunction you'll get a full replacement at no charge!

What’s covered? Wheels, cranks assemblies, spokes, chains, rims, crank arms, hubs, pedals, quick releases, bottom brackets, drive train, brakes, brake line, derailleur, brake cables and housing, freewheels, cassettes, brake levers, fork, rotors, rotators, stem, headset, handlebar, shifters, shifter cables and housing, front and rear suspension, seat post, dropper post, seat rails, seat collar, E-controllers, E-Switches, E-Hub, E-Throttle.

Our Silver Bicycle Tune-Up Package, a $129 value, includes:

  • Major derailleur adjustment

  • Major brake adjustment

  • Comprehensive off-bike truing

  • Bottom bracket and headset adjustments

  • Full bike wash and lube

  • Parts removed and cleaned in parts washer