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Tools & Tuning

Swix VP50 Pro Light Violet
For new and new fallen fine-grained snow from 0°C to -3°C (32°F to 27°F). Old/partly transformed snow from -1°C to -6°C (30°F to 21°F). Purple kick wax designed for conditions a few degrees below the freezing point. Provides perfect kick until you experience moderate shiny tracks. The wax contains a new additive designed to impart maximum lubricity. This improves the stick-slip properties of the wax and gives an excellent feeling. Apply each layer thin – then smoothen the surface with a synthetic cork (T12). The VP-line is primarily designed for racers and ambitious non-racing individuals but can also be used by recreational skiers who wants the optimum skiing experience. - VP-line from Swix - Kick wax - For training and competition - Fluoro free - Durable - Ski wax from Swix
Swix VP65 Pro Black/Red
An excellent wax for challenging conditions around zero degrees. For new and recent fine-grained snow from 0°C to 2°C. Old/partly transformed snow from 0°C to -4°C. Red/black grip wax with fantastic properties in difficult conditions around zero degrees. Also works well on the colder side at high humidity and transformed snow. The black additive is the guarantor for great flexibility and reduced risk of icing. VP65 works best with a couple of layers of a slightly harder wax as a base, and it also works very well for covering klister. Each layer is applied thinly and then smoothed out with a synthetic cork (T12). For a better result, it is recommended that the wax is cold when applied. The VP waxes are made primarily for top racers and serious skiers, but can be used by recreational skiers who want that little extra to get the very best wax for their ski trip. - Racing grip wax - Reduces risk of icing - Excellent dirt-repellent properties - Our second softest adhesive wax
Swix VR70 Red Klisterwax
For wet and moist new snow. Works also on wet transformed snow down to 0°C (32°F). Apply thicker if very wet.
Burton Bullet Snowboard Tool
Ratch-a-tat-tat. Speed and safety make this five-in-one ratcheting tool the choice of pros and ams alike. The low-profile shape prevents impactful landings when pocketed, while a foldout handle provides maximum cranking power for tightening sCrewnecks. It's glove-friendly and stocked with two-ended Phillips and flathead/Allen bits, as well as a mini binding wrench, all securely stowed inside the tool when not in use. - Lightweight and compact for easy carrying -Foldout handle for maximum ratchet power -Able to operate with gloves on -Includes: #2 and #3 Phillips head, flat head, 4mm Allen key, and 10mm wrench
Toko Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin
Special extra soft polishing brush specifically designed for use with High Performance Liquid Waxes
Swix HS10 Liquid Yellow
A liquid spray-on training and racing wax that can be used alone, or as base for other racing waxes. For very wet conditions when the snow has turned transformed. Ideal for spring skiing when the dirt content typically is high, as HS10L collect less pollution from the snow than comparable paraffin waxes. A great choice in warm weather that never underperforms. Replaces the CH10XL. - +2°C to +10°C (36°F to 50°F).
Swix HS6 Liquid Blue
A liquid spray-on training and racing wax that can be used alone, or as base for other racing waxes. HS6L is especially developed for cold conditions, down to -12°C (10°F). Below this point liquids are normally outperformed by traditional paraffin waxes. - HS6L is a versatile wax that works in all snow conditions, but performs at its best when the humidity is high. - Replaces the CH6XL. - -4°C to -12°C (25°F to 10°F).
Swix HS7 Liquid Violet
A liquid spray-on training and racing wax that can be used alone, or as base for other racing waxes. HS7L performs at its best when typical winter conditions below the freezing point. - Can handle various snow conditions and is not humidity sensitive. - A safe choice that rarely underperforms within its core area of use. - Replaces the CH7XL. - -2°C to -8°C (28°F to 18°F).
Swix HS8 Liquid Red
A liquid spray-on training and racing wax that can be used alone, or as base for other racing waxes. HS8L is an extremely versatile wax on both sides of the freezing point with exceptional feedback from racing. It performs in older snow below freezing, new falling snow above freezing and everything between. Basically a must have in conditions you will meet often. - Replaces the CH8XL. - -4°C to +4°C (25°F to 39°F).
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