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Tools & Tuning

Toko Base Performance Liquid Paraffin
Liquid paraffin wax to meet the high demands of junior racing and for training sessions in all disciplines. No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally). - Yellow for warm conditions (Snow temp 32f to 21f) - Red for medium conditions (Snow temp 25f to 10f) - Blue for cold conditions (Snow temp 14f to -22f) - A good practice is to “aim cold” with these waxes. Blue is an excellent overall wax.
Toko X-Cold Powder 50G
Very hard HydroCarbon powder wax to use as an additive in cold/ aggressive snow conditions. - With X-Cold Powder/ each wax becomes harder and more friction resistant - Powder form for easy ironing - For extremely cold/ dry snow conditions - Biodegradable
Toko Nordic Klister 55g Blue
Klister for icy snow. Blue Klister for snow temperatures -7C – 30C (19F – -22F)
Toko Polishing Brush Liquid Paraffin
Special extra soft polishing brush specifically designed for use with High Performance Liquid Waxes
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