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Tools & Tuning

Special extra soft polishing brush specifically designed for use with High Performance Liquid Waxes
Klister for icy snow. Blue Klister for snow temperatures -7C – 30C (19F – -22F)
Liquid paraffin wax to meet the high demands of junior racing and for training sessions in all disciplines. No shipping to Alaska (please buy locally). - Yellow for warm conditions (Snow temp 32f to 21f) - Red for medium conditions (Snow temp 25f to 10f) - Blue for cold conditions (Snow temp 14f to -22f) - A good practice is to “aim cold” with these waxes. Blue is an excellent overall wax.
Very hard HydroCarbon powder wax to use as an additive in cold/ aggressive snow conditions. - With X-Cold Powder/ each wax becomes harder and more friction resistant - Powder form for easy ironing - For extremely cold/ dry snow conditions - Biodegradable
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