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Ski Parts & Accessories

Swix R395 Skistraps for XC Skis
$4.19 $5.99 30% Off
Ski straps for cross-country skis with ski base protection. Height: 35 mm. - Ski strap - For cross-country skis - For cross-country skiers - Strong Velcro fastening
Swix V55 Red Special Hardwax
$8.39 $11.99 30% Off
New fallen snow 0°C to +1°C (32°F to 34°F). Old fine grained snow 0°C to -2°C (32°F to 28°F). For moist new snow up to +1°C (34°F) and down to -2°C (28°F) in older more transformed granular snow. The V-Line of hard kick-waxes is made for racing and recreational skiing. Their quality is very high due to fully refined petroleum waxes, synthetic rubbers and pharmaceutical quality oils.
Hotronic Hotronic Mounting Brackets
$8.99 $14.99 40% Off
Securing the battery packs for your Hotronic boot heaters is quick and easy with the Hotronic Mounting Brackets. Simply drill a single hole in your boot's shell, screw on the brackets and voilà!
Hotronic Strap Brackets
$8.99 $14.99 40% Off
A quick and easy solution for mounting Hotronic battery packs, the Hotronic Strap Brackets fix to the power straps of your ski boots so you can continue to operate the closure mechanism on your boots without hassle.
Black Diamond 25
The extra-long Black Diamond 25 in. ski strap holds your skis together—or can be used for a variety of other creative purposes. Snag a few and stash 'em in your pack or car; they always come in handy.
Swix Swix Skin Care
$10.49 $14.99 30% Off
Universal All Temperature. Protects integrated skins from icing and improves glide properties. Recommended maintenance for skin skis to extend their life span and get a better ski experience. To be applied before skiing. Pumpspray. Includes Fiberlene. - 70 ml/2.37 US fl. oz. - 10 pcs.
Swix F4-100C Glidewax Liquid
$11.89 $16.99 30% Off
The Swix F4 Glide Wax Liquid is an all temperature liquid wax for skis and snowboards. Waxing your skis or snowboard can but a better feel in your equipment and have you charging down the mountain. With a foam applicator and felt polisher, this handy pocket size bottle is perfect to pack in your equipment bag. Keep your winter toys in top shape by applying the Swix F4 Glide Wax Liquid to their base. - Easy wax for all conditions - Very easy to apply - Handy pocket size
Transpack Transpack Goggle Cover
Features of the Transpack Goggle Cover Lightweight convenient padded goggle cover Neoprene and stretch fabric construction Easy-fit elastic opening Conveniently fits into pocket.
Hotronic XLP Heat Socks Surround
Comfortable Heat Socks with large heated areas, intelligent heat level control, and gentle compression. The BOOTDOC Surround Heat Socks have a large integrated heating element and an anatomic design in the toe area. When developing these socks, particular attention was paid to the heat distribution in the big toe area. The Surround Heat Technology means that the toes are pleasantly warmed on both the top and bottom of the foot. The yarns used for the socks have extremely fi ne fi bers, which ensures an optimal foot climate. They are also breathable and regulate moisture. Particular care was paid to the fi t and ensuring the highest possible level of comfort for the consumer. Compression and a wrinkle-free fi t, as well as intelligent cable placement, means pressure points are avoided. Surround Heat Enlarged heating area Asymmetrical shin and instep protectors ensure greater comfort The battery packs are attached to the inner cuff s of the socks using snap fasteners Four levels of heating power are available and are set on the battery pack itself, including a Power Boost setting for a short boost of extra heat (approx. 3 minutes) Reinforced in the toe and heel areas Two-layer cuff design for additional protection and support for the battery pack Machine washable up to 30 °C (in the mesh bag provided) Heating element „Surround“ in the outer layer for more comfort Shin and instep protection Material: 80 % nylon, 20 % spandex, machine washable at temperatures up to 30 °C
Hotronic XLP One Heated Socks
Fact: Your feet are going to be spending a lot of idle time on the lifts and at the base. Sometimes even the heaviest wool and synthetic can't keep those toes warm. Prepare for those times with the Hotronic® Heat Socks XLP One Set. The wool-blend sock includes a low-profile electric heating system to keep toes warm and limber. You can adjust the heat as needed through three primary settings and an extra-powerful Boost mode. The battery pack sits inside the double cuff of the power-fit sock, and the heating element runs through the sock itself. The powerful rechargeable One battery provides up to 13.5 hours of use, covering you from first chair through après. And it's not only good for skiing, either; use it for cycling, skating, fishing and other activities in which your feet regularly get cold and numb.
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