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Cross Country Classic Skis

Atomic Mover XCruise Grip
If you're new to cross-country skiing, Atomic Mover XCruise Grip is a great ski to get started. This wide ski with a broad sidecut is a reliable, stable climber and a fantastic glider in all conditions. Plus it has our versatile grip technology with a no-wax pattern milled into the ski base that's ideal for having fun. No need to kick-wax, either! The High Densolite core makes this ski lightweight and exceptionally durable. Enjoy the track and be confident as you explore. TECH FEATURES - Grip - BI 1500 - Touring XCruise Construction - Densolite
Atomic Mover XCruise Posigrip Medium
The lightweight Atomic Mover XCruise Posigrip is a top touring ski for leisure skiers. Posigrip is an excellent and versatile grip technology: with a hot-stamped no-wax pattern that delivers a strong grip and powerful kick in all conditions. No need to kick-wax, either! And thanks to the XCruise Profil 3D, power is converted directly into forward movement, making this lightweight ski a dynamic and fast touring all-rounder.
Atomic Pro C2
The Atomic Pro C2 is a classic wax ski with a consistent sidecut, designed to deliver a smooth, enjoyable ride, steady balance, and easy handling from the very first step. At the same time, its High Densolite construction makes the Pro C2 very lightweight. The ideal wax ski for more advanced skiers, or newcomers up for a fast learning curve. TECH FEATURES - BI 4000 + Race Grinding - Pro Construction - Ultra-High Densolite
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