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All-Mountain Skis

Atomic Vantage 75 Women's skis + M10 GW bindings
Designed to point new skiers in the right direction, the Atomic Vantage W 75 Skis + M 10 GW Bindings make the transition from beginner to intermediate a breeze. With a lightweight and forgiving design, you'll be easing into carves you never thought possible and moving up the progression scale at a record pace.
Atomic Vantage 77 TI Women's skis w/ M10 GW bindings
Hot laps on the frontside call for a high quality set up that'll hone your skills, all while keeping a smile on your face. The Atomic Vantage W 77 Ti Skis + M 10 GW Bindings is that setup and more. Featuring a lightweight Prolite Construction with Titanium Tank Mesh for a boost of stability and easy maneuverability.
Atomic Vantage 77 Ti W with L 10 GW bindings women's skis
$479.99 $599.99 20% Off
The Atomic Vantage W 77 TI Skis + L 10 GW Bindings are a high quality setup for the intermediate to advanced frontside skier. Atomic keeps the weight down by using their sculpted Prolite Construction and a light poplar wood core, but retains the performance and on-snow stability by adding Titanium Tank Mesh, making the Vantage 77 Ti W + L 10 GW system a win-win proposition for you. Prolite Construction – Instead of starting with a standard construction and cutting material away to save weight, Prolite does the opposite. It starts with the slimmest possible profile and then builds up reinforcements in key areas where strength is needed - like the Energy Backbone down each ski edge. Light Woodcore – Made from poplar wood, this core optimizes the ski's weight without sacrificing any shock absorption or stability. Energy Backbone – Reinforcement in key zones giving extra strength and edge grip for powerful skiing. Titanium Tank Mesh – A layer of lightweight Titanal mesh inserted to add strength from tip to tail. Structured Topsheet – A structured topsheet massively increases durability and gives a high quality finish. Cap Sidewall – Full sidewall under the binding, from base to topsheet, for controlled power transmission and great edge grip. Atomic Base – Atomic uses high-density sintered bases that are fast on any snow, can stand up to anything, and are easy to maintain. Atomic Edges – Atomic edges are made from steel five times more wear resistant than standard steel, for strength and perfect grip.
Atomic Vantage 79 C skis w/ M10 GW bindings
The Atomic Vantage 79 C Skis + M 10 GW Bindings offer quick, energized carves for the frontside enthusiast who primarily sticks to groomed terrain. With their lightweight construction and easy maneuverability, the Vantage 79 C is all about enjoying the mountain, whether you're a beginner or advanced skier looking for a fun and approachable setup.
Atomic Vantage 79 C with FT 10 GW bindings
$399.99 $499.99 20% Off
If you’re looking for a smoother ride with less weight underfoot, the Atomic Vantage 79 C is a lightweight all-mountain system ski with a fantastic blend of piste power and all-mountain agility – perfect for everyday piste and occasional side-piste skiing. Carbon Tank Mesh, a sporty shape and thinner 79mm waist is ideal for harder snow. It comes with our Cap Sidewall, and a Light Woodcore for reducing weight without sacrificing shock absorption. A versatile, fun ski that’s easy to control, putting even still-progressing skiers directly in the driver’s seat. FT 10 GW Our Atomic FT 10 GW is a super flexible and lightweight All Mountain system binding. It comes with a smart pedal construction that automatically adapts to alpine or GripWalk boots. Plus it comes with easy DIN readability (with DIN range up to 10) and toolless adjustment to get everything sorted fast. It performs perfectly on the slopes, with the flexibility needed for all abilities to have fun. Key Features of Atomic Vantage 79 C Skis w/ FT 10 GW Bindings: Rocker: All Mountain Rocker 10/90/0 Prolite Energy Backbone Carbon Tank Mesh Cap Sidewall Light Woodcore Densolite Core Directional Shape Structured Topsheet Weight: 2750 g @ 171cm FT10 GW Bindings
Atomic Vantage 86 C Skis
Light, nimble, and confidence inspiring wherever you point them, the Atomic Vantage 86 C Skis are ideal for the adventurous all mountain skier. They're reinforced with a carbon mesh weave for stability and power, and wide enough to explore every inch of the resort without sacrificing front side capability. Atomic s Prolite Construction keeps weight to a minimum for an all singing, all dancing, all day feel you can ride into the sunset.
Atomic Vantage 97 C
$399.99 $499.99 20% Off
The Atomic Vantage 97 C – this all-mountain ski in a do-it-all width makes an excellent argument for a one-ski quiver. It’s also a great transition ski for those looking to build their off-piste experience, but still want to enjoy plenty of on-piste carving control. You’ll feel lighter with our revolutionary Prolite construction – added reinforcements only in key zones – and Energy Backbone and Carbon Tank Mesh combine to deliver high strength and light weight to help you ski stronger. Full Sidewall adds stability and enables direct power on whatever you’re skiing – whether it’s slashing and bashing through the soft stuff or carving down the corduroy. If you want to grab the same ski every time you head to the lift, grab the one that takes less work and makes you ski better: the Vantage 97 C. - Full Sidewall - Light Woodcore - Prolite - Energy Backbone - Carbon Tank Mesh - Directional Shape - Structured Topsheet - Flat
Atomic Vantage X 86 Ti with Warden 13 MNC bindings
$629.99 $899.99 30% Off
The Atomic Vantage X 86 TI is slightly more tuned for on-piste skiing and harder snow. A highly-tuned shape, in a highly versatile waist width, it offers all-mountain capability while sacrificing almost nothing in-bounds. The entire package is built in our industry-exclusive Prolite construction. Revolutionary and lightweight, it adds reinforcements only where needed, keeping the weight low. It’s strong thanks to Titanium Tank Mesh and Energy Backbone, and fully featured with Full Sidewall and Power Woodcore for rigid stability. Because it has a narrower waist, the Vantage X 86 TI shows higher piste performance than the most models out of the Vantage series. Better, easier skiing happens on smartly-designed skis – and this ski is exactly that. The Atomic Warden MNC 13 DT is our top Warden binding with toolless adjustment added in. MNC stands for Multi Norm Certified, which means it works with all types of soles – DIN, Touring and Walk To Ride (WTR) – and fits every normed boot in the market. It has an Oversized Platform and U-Power Toe – a super-wide platform that provides extra lateral power transmission, steering, flex and dampening. It’s also 30% wider than comparable bindings, so works particularly well with progressive wider skis like Vantage for all-mountain skiing. And with a sliding toe and heel in this version you don’t need tools to mount your bindings – or adjust them up the mountain. Key Features of Atomic Vantage X 86 Ti Skis w/ Warden 13 MNC Bindings Prolite Titanium Tank Mesh Energy Backbone Full Sidewall Power Woodcore Structured Topsheet World Cup Base Finish All Mountain Rocker 10/90/0 Weight: 2100 G / 173 Ability: Advanced/Expert Warden 13 MNC Bindings
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