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Snowboard Bags

Burton Board Sack
$71.99 $89.99 20% Off
Burton Gig Bag
$95.99 $119.99 20% Off
If you're not carrying a battery of guitars with you to your next gig on an international tour, the next best thing is hauling your boards to the next mountain adventure. The padded Burton Gig Bag ensures your boards make it safely to your destination. With the capacity to carry multiple boards and a pocket for stashing tools, tuning gear, and wax, you can bring everything you need in one piece of luggage. The double-cushion shoulder strap allows you to carry your gear more comfortably, or you can strap a skateboard to the bottom, grab one of the straps on each end, and roll the bag along. Lockable, contoured zipper pulls fit TSA-approved locks, and the tough polyester outer will keep this bag lasting through many seasons of mountain mischief. - Fully Padded Board Protection with Removable Shoulder Strap - Lockable Contoured Zipper Pulls Fit TSA-Approved Locks - 600D Polyester with TPE Backing for Superior Protection - External Zippered Accessory Pocket
Burton Wheelie Gig Bag
$135.99 $169.99 20% Off
The Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is a true crowd pleaser. Its ability to carry three boards in a completely padded, safe way is only beat by the fact that it also has wheels! That means you don't need to haul this puppy from one gate to another using just your upper body strength. Add in webbed inner straps to keep all your gear in place and an external zippered pocket to house your accessories -- the Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is like an entire hauling crew wrapped up into one.
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