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Sale & Closeout Winter Products - Skis, Boards and Boots

Salomon X PRO 120 Ski Boots
$479.99 $599.99 20% Savings
The Salomon X-Pro 120 is a powerful boot for aggressive skiers who want quick and easy customization. Salomon's 360 Degree Custom Shell allows an Authorized Salomon Dealer to heat the shell in a special oven. As soon as the shell is hot enough a bootfitter will place them on your feet. When the shell cools it starts to mold to match the same of your foot for a perfectly dialed in fit. The X-Pro shell also utilizes the Twinframe 2 Construction that reduces weight and reduces twisting of the sole when you are ripping at fast speeds to enhance your responsiveness. A 24mm Oversized Pivot is a strong connection from the upper cuff to the lower shell that sends energy directly towards your skis. The 45mm Power Strap on the upper cuff improves rebound and will help snap the cuff back to a neutral position when you are cranking turns. Salomon's My Custom Fit 3D Race Liner can be heated and customized for even more performance and comfort. If you want a powerful boot that has the ability to be customized in less than an hour the Salomon X-Pro 120 is the boot for you.
Dalbello KR Fusion Ski Boots
$419.99 $599.99 30% Savings
The Dalbello KR Fusion Ski Boots are made for aggressive all-mountain skiers on the hunt for a stiff, powerful flex that can be largely controlled via the boot's top buckle thanks to the coveted 3-piece Cabrio design. Engineered to better accommodate the rockered skis of modern day, the Fusion features Dalbello s center-balanced "Rocker" stance for more balanced and dynamic natural positioning. Turn the entire mountain into your playground: link laps through the park, air out on those chairline hits, and navigate mogul fields at stoopid speed with the responsive performance of the Dalbello KR Fusion Ski Boots.
Roxa R3W 95 Women's Ski Boots
$399.99 $499.99 20% Savings
So, you want to get into backcountry skiing but aren't ready to step to pin bindings quite yet, and still want to use your boots to brap around the ski area, too? Start off on the right foot with the Roxa R3W 95 Ski Boots. A balanced 99mm last and Bio Fit shaping, along with a women's specific cuff and spoiler provide you with a fantastic and versatile boot you can ride both in and out of bounds with.
Atomic Live Fit 90 W Women's Ski Boots
$319.99 $399.99 20% Savings
For years women with higher volume and wider feet had to suffer at the hands of boot manufacturers who only built wider boots in beginner flexes. No longer. The Atomic Live Fit 90 Ski Boots let you stop thinking about how much your feet hurt and concentrate on the joy of skiing with their super adaptive 102 mm last that expands at the sides of the shell to fit up to a 106 mm foot. Atomic keeps it light and simple with a re-designed 2 buckle design and toasty 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulated liner so you can be happy on the hill all day long. Flex Index: 90 Forefoot Width: 102-106mm
Dalbello Avanti 100 Ski Boots
$239.99 - $319.99 $399.99 Up To 20% Savings
This all-mountain performance boot is great for intermediate to expert skiers who like a boot with a more forgiving flex. At a flex rating of 100, this boot is supportive enough to blast through crud, while remaining soft enough for comfortable corduroy cruising. With a classic overlapping shell design and Dalbello s Contour 4 fit technology, the Avanti 100 is easy to slide on and off, and fits a wide range of feet. For the ideal compromise between comfort and performance, chose the Dalbello Avanti 100 IF Ski Boots.
Rossignol Alltrack 80 Women's Ski Boots
$319.99 $399.99 20% Savings
Built for ladies searching for a comfort-first ski boot that they can hike in, the Rossignol Alltrack 80 W Ski Boots feature a mid-wide 102mm last and Thinsulate™-lined liner toebox for a comfortable, warm setup that you'll have no problem skiing in all day. Whether you need a more walk-friendly boot for apres or plan on tackling serious hikes out of the backcountry gate, the Rossignol Alltrack 80 Ski Boots have got you covered.
Scott G2 110 PowerFit Ski Boots
$299.99 $599.99 50% Savings
The G2 has four buckles and a power strap. The performance fit generates plenty of edge power and elicites immediate responses from the ski. The flex is a firm 110 but evenly distributed along the shin with a springy quality that invites dynamic fall-line skiing. It‘s extra snug, making it a good choice for skinny feet.
Dalbello Avanti 100
$279.99 $399.99 30% Savings
The Avanti If 100 Is For Top Level Skiers Who Seek High Performance In A Boot With More Generous Foot Volume Than Traditional Race Level Boots Offer. With A 100 Flex And 100 Mm Fit Last, Large, Strong And Aggressive Skiers Should Take Note. The Avanti 100 Utilizes A 3D Power Frame Architecture For Improved Handling And Power Transfer. The Avanti 100 Also Comes Equipped With Custom Heat Moldable If Sport Innerboots That Are Super Lightweight, Warm And Precise Specifications • Contour Four Technology Anatomic Foot Mapping • If Db Multidensity Eva • Pre-Shaped 3D Toe Box • 40 % Customizable-Reversable Process • Warmer And Lighter • Heat System Ready • Truefit Performance Insole
Scott G2 90 PowerFit Women's Ski Boots
$249.99 $499.99 50% Savings
The versatile G2 POWERFIT 90, features POWERFIT shell technology with a new thermoformable liner. This boot offers all-day performance and comfort in any conditions. M stands for medium cuff (short leg / women's fit).
Roxa Bold 80 Ski Boots
$239.99 $299.99 20% Savings
The Roxa Bold 80 ski boot is designed with fit, function and performance in mind from the boot sole up. The liner was designed exclusively for the skier who demands high performance and optimal comfort. Thanks to the use of the Ultralon foam, the liner is 50% heat-moldable in the ankle area, providing excellent fit in this critical area. This medium flex boot is stiff enough to the intermediate skier wanting spend less time in the rental shop and get into their own pair of boots. Beginner skier will like the confidence and support the Bold 80 ski boot brings to their skiing. The generous 103mm forefoot will keep feet happy and warm all day while not sacrificing performance and responsiveness.
Roxa Eden 75 Women's Ski Boots
$239.99 $299.99 20% Savings
The Roxa Women's Eden 75 Ski Boot has women's specific fit characteristics to make the boot be very comfortable. The cuff fits lower on the calf and the liner is 50% heat-moldable in the ankle area to get your a custom fit in that important area.
Salomon X PRO 70 W Women's Ski Boots
$239.99 $299.99 20% Savings
The X-Pro 70 W from Salomon is a perfect choice for intermediate skiing women who have a medium to narrow forefoot and medium shaft of the leg. A 24mm Oversized Pivot drives energy to your skis. Salomon's Twinframe Construction uses a stiffer, stronger plastic on the sole of the boot that makes the boots more responsive at faster speeds, by reducing the torsion twisting of the shell, giving you more control to your skis. The Women's Specific Liner has a narrower heel pocket that follows the contours of the female foot shape, that has a narrower heel and more taper to the shape of the foot. A Women's Calf Adjuster allows you to make adjustments to the cuff of the boot for some personalization for women who have never been able to find a comfortable fit on their calf muscles. The My Custom Fit 3D Sport Liner has anatomically correct padding that has the ability to be heat molded for extra comfort and support on the slopes.
Salomon Quest Access 70 Women's Ski Boots
$209.99 $299.99 30% Savings
The Quest Access 70 W from Salomon is a great boot for the beginner to intermediate skier that has a medium to wide forefoot, and medium to wide shaft of the leg. The Ratchet Cuff Buckle can be expanded out very wide to accommodate the largest of calf muscles. The Quest Access Line has Salomon's 24mm Oversized Pivot that directs energy right to the edges of your skis. The Women's Specific Low Cuff and Heel Support are tailored towards the shorter leg shape and narrower heel of women to improve comfort and support. The Liner of the Quest Access 70 has Woolmetal Insulation that has a blend of Wool and Metallic Polyester for extra warmth and insulation. Salomon's Ride & Hike Technology has a lever on the back spine of the boot that when it is unlocked enables you to walk very easily. If you have been looking for a boot that fits a medium to wide foot and medium to wide leg shape that will be supportive enough for the solid intermediate, but forgiving enough for the beginner you should slide your foot into a Salomon Quest Access 70 W, and you will wonder why it took you so long to get a new pair of ski boots.
Rossignol Electra Pro 110 Women's Ski Boots
$200.00 $499.99 60% Savings
The Rossignol Electra Si 110 is a great boot for the expert skier who has a narrow foot and medium to narrow shaft of the leg. The Thinsulate insulation, and larger buckles, to fit the shorter fuller female calf, narrower heels, and smaller forefoot shape. A Neutral Stance will give you more control, better balance, and reduces fatigue. Notches in the plastic along the instep make the Electra Si 110 really easy to put on and remove your new boots, without compromising performance. Rossignols Polyether Shell has a narrower boot board that allows the three key receptor points to touch the poly-carbonate directly. That direct contact gives you more power, control, and feel for the snow. If you are an expert skier looking for a boot that fits a narrow foot with a medium to narrow shaft of the leg, you should try the Rossignol Electra Si 110.
Salomon Instinct 90 CS Women's Ski Boots
$200.00 $499.99 60% Savings
Salomon Instinct 90 CS Ski Boots - Women's 2013: You crave power transmission and good sensitivity. You crave the Salomon Instinct 90 CS Ski Boots. The Medium 90 flex gives you control while the women’s specific cuff and liner keeps your feet happy.
Atomic Live Fit 80 Ski Boots
$199.99 $249.99 20% Savings
The Atomic Live Fit 80 Ski Boots are just what the doctor ordered for the skier with high volume feet who's tired of standing in line for rentals. Wide enough, and with soft Live Fit patches at the first and fifth metatarsal zones where feet commonly get pinched, the Live Fit 80 will let you stop thinking about how much your feet hurt and concentrate on the business at hand - skiing.
Dalbello Jakk Ski Boots
$199.99 $249.99 20% Savings
The Dalbello Jakk makes a great boot for the beginner to intermediate skier looking for value. The 103mm last best fits skiers who have a medium width forefoot and medium width leg shape. A Cabrio Design provides you with a smooth forward flex and side to side control over your skis. Dalbello uses a Center Balanced Stance and Contour 4 Shell that improves control and efficiency when skiing on modern skis with rocker and sidecuts. The Comfortfit Liner on the Jakk is plush and loaded with padding to give you support and keep you comfortable all day on the mountain.
Dalbello Avanti MX 65 Ski Boots
$143.99 $179.99 20% Savings
The Avanti MX 65 has been developed for beginning to intermediate recreational skiers seeking all day warmth and comfort. A high tech, bi-injected construction provides exceptional support combined with easy entry functionality. It's nimble and lightweight, with dynamic control characteristics adjusted to accelerate skier improvement. Aluminum buckles, dual density toe and heel, and a highly cushioned innerboot all combine to give the improving skier warmth, comfort, and performance.
Dalbello Avanti MX 65 Women's Ski Boots
$143.99 $179.99 20% Savings
The Dalbello Avanti MX 65 W is an excellent choice for the beginner to mellow intermediate skier. The 105mm last best fits ladies who have a wide forefoot and thick shaft of the leg. The traditional four buckle overlap design drives your energy and transfers it towards your skis for added control. Dalbello's Supercomfort Liner is loaded with padding to keep your feet securely in place and insulation to keep your toes warm on the mountain.
Dalbello Aspire 65 Women's Ski Boots
$139.99 $199.99 30% Savings
The Dalbello Aspire 65 is a great ski boot for the true beginner to mellow intermediate skier who has a medium to wide forefoot and medium to wide shaft of the leg. The 104mm last is the widest that Dalbello offers. A Low Contour Geometry Cuff has a shorter height to accommodate the shorter, fuller female leg shape. A Bi-Injected Easy Entry Overlap uses a softer plastic over the instep of the foot to make the Aspire 65 very easy for you to slip on in the morning, and off at the end of the day.
Salomon Divine 55 Women's Ski Boots
$139.99 $199.99 30% Savings
The Salomon Divine 55 Ski Boots are designed for new or lighter female skiers looking for both comfort and rapid progression. The soft 55 flex rating and 104 mm comfort last are perfect for those just getting used to having a hard shelled boot on their feet, and will make long days of learning a joy rather than a chore.
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