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Alpine/Downhill Ski Poles

Swix Tech Jr. Ski Pole
The Swix Tech Jr. is a great pole for your little skier. The strap is easily adjustable to keep the right fit on your child's wrist to improve leverage, and prevent them from losing it on the mountain. The Junior handle is made with a material that is ergonomically fitted for smaller skiers hands.
Scott Sports SL Evo Ski Pole
You've never really been a pole strap kinda person, not relishing skier's thumb or the feeling of your arm being jerked around when your pole is snagged by a tree. That's why you rock the Scott Strapless SL Evo Ski Poles, which feature a strapless grip that you can't get enough of.
Rossignol Freeride Pro Telescopic Ski Pole
The Rossignol Freeride Pro Telescopic Ski Poles are easily length adjustable in the field to aid in your backcountry exploits. Quality alloy 16/14mm shafts are connected with an easy twist lock system and combine with powder baskets and World Cup grips for versatile poles you can take anywhere.
DPS Nori Pole
A do-it-all adjustable pole, the Nori Pole is featured-packed with the Powerlock 3.0 locking mechanism for ultimate in-motion security and a new protective lower aluminum sleeve that coats the carbon lower arm.
DPS Santi Pole
The DPS Santi Pole is lightweight, with comfortable race-performance grips that spring leather gloves or arctic mittens adhere to, and all delivered with an even swing-weight. When you hold it, you don’t think about it. But when you think about, you’re happy to be holding it. That’s what’s offered in the DPS Santi Pole.
Black Diamond Powder Baskets
Oversized pole baskets for deep snow performance. Built for the deepest days of the season.
Black Diamond Whippet Attachment
An accessory for Black Diamond Whippet-Ready ski poles, the Whippet Pick attaches with Black Diamond's innovative ClickLock Dial for an added margin of safety on steep winter terrain. By utilizing their innovative ClickLock Dial, this Whippet pick attaches to any Whippet Ready ski pole to immediately add traction for steep terrain. So whether you're bootpacking up an icy ridge, or descending in no-fall terrain, this attachment is a valuable tool for ski mountaineering.
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