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Ski Binding Parts & Accessories

The optionally available brake comes in three different sizes for various ski widths (90 / 105 / 115 mm). It automatically locks in walking mode with the very first step and reactivates when switching back into riding mode. Their pronounced retraction brings the arms of the brake very close to the ski.
With the Alpinist, Marker delivers its lightest-ever touring binding and re-defines the ratio of weight to performance. At 490 grams per pair, it takes the traditional PinTech design and adds functionality with zero degrees, 5 degrees, and 9-degrees climbing aid positions. The heel features a fixed upward release and an adjustable lateral release function, and a 15mm range of adjustment. Available accessories include 90mm, 105mm, and 115mm brakes, Touring leashes, and U-Springs that allow adjustment of the upward release in the heel. ALPINIST HEEL - Alpinist heel with an adjustable lateral release with different DIN options and 15mm of heel adjustment range (+-7,5mm). Offers three walking modes thanks to the hot-forged aluminum climbing aid. The "Fast Shift Mode" enables quick shifting between neutral and highest walking mode. The active length compensation in the heel allows consistent power transmission and release performance, even when the ski is flexed. ANTI-ICE PADS - Anti Ice Pads in the base of toe and heel (if no brake is installed) to prevent icing in critical areas. CLIMBING AIDS ALPINIST - Neutral walking mode and two climbing aids offering 5° and 9°. The fast shift mode enables quick shifting between 0° and 9° without the need to rotate the heel. CRAMPON KINGPIN/ALPINIST - Easy to install crampons for KINGPIN and Alpinist available in the sizes 80mm, 90mm, 105mm, 120mm ACTIVE LENGTH COMPENSATION - Active length compensation in the heel allowing the heel to move back up to 4 mm when the ski is flexed. LENGTH ADJUSTMENT - Alpinist heel offers a 15mm heel adjustment range (from -7.5mm to +7,5 mm). CARBON REINFORCED PIN TOE & ANTI ICE PADS - Carbon fiber reinforced material for improved stiffness and super lightweight. Anti Ice Pads in the base of the toe to prevent icing in critical areas.
Simple and reliable insurance against runaway skis, compatible with the Fritschi Vipec 12 , Evo, and Tecton binding. S fits up to approximately 82-mm waist. - Does not come with attachment point to binding.
Grip ATK's Crampons, the ultimate companion for conquering icy and challenging snow conditions. These crampons are meticulously designed with innovation and performance in mind, offering a lightweight solution without compromising on strength and durability. Let's dive into the key features that make these crampons a must-have accessory for any backcountry skiing enthusiast. Key features: Lightweight design: From the special lightweight design for races (70mm; 49g) to the double shell version for extremely wide skis (135mm; 130g), ATK’s crampons are the lightest in the market. Thanks to an innovative heat treatment and a meticulous reduction in material thickness (down to 2mm), these crampons offer exceptional strength and flexibility without adding unnecessary weight to your setup. Premium materials and aggressive tip design: Crafted using the finest alloys, ATK's crampons strike the perfect balance between weight savings and durability. The combination of Titanal and Aluminum ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to confidently navigate through all snow conditions. Our crampons also feature an aggressive tip shape that guarantees maximum grip on the hardest and iciest snow surfaces. With every step, you'll experience unparalleled traction and stability. Versatile sizing options: To cater to all ski widths, we offer these crampons in nine different sizes. Whether you need a narrower 70 mm or a wider 135 mm, you'll find the perfect fit for your skis. This comprehensive range ensures that every skier can benefit from the exceptional performance and grip provided by ATK's crampons. Emergency lanyard attachment: ATK's crampons are designed with safety in mind. Four small holes have been strategically placed, providing the option to secure the crampons to your boots using a lanyard in case of an emergency. This thoughtful feature adds an extra layer of security during challenging situations.
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