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Cross Country Ski Bindings

The Prolink Pro Skate binding is mounted at the optimum position to get the most out of Salomon skis. Its low ski/binding connection puts power right next to the ski for maximum transmission and feel. Compatible with Prolink®, NNN®, Turnamic® boots.
PROLINK ACCESS SK is a lightweight binding that keeps the boot sole close to the ski, for a superior snow feel. Compatible with Prolink, NNN, and Turnamic boots. Lightweight - Minimal lift, minimal material and simple mechanics keep the weight down. Snow Feel - Close to the snow platform lets you feel more of what is under your feet. Direct Transmission - Prolink's 2 rail system puts your power right next to the ski, for maximum transmission and feel. Features: Integrated Heel Plate Guideridge The integrated heel plate guideridge maximizes power transfer and on-snow feeling. Ergonomic lever For easy opening and safe closing. Full-length guideridge The full-length guideridge maximizes the boot-binding stability. 115 Skating
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