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Free In-Home Smart Trainer Set-Up

We're not rocket scientists at Gorham Bike & Ski, but we've set up one or two smart trainers in our time. When you purchase any smart trainer from Gorham Bike & Ski costing $599 or more, you can opt to have one of our expert to come out to your home and get the trainer and everything that goes with it, set up and tested and to answer all your questions.

Here's what you get:


We'll expertly assemble your new smart trainer and other accessories.


We'll help you go through the process of setting accounts with popular training platforms like Zwift and Trainerroad.


We'll make sure that your trainer, accessories and other sensors are all connected to your accounts.


We'll run your system through a couple test scenarios to make sure it's all working so there are no surprises and your don't miss a single pedal stroke.

Get Started!

Or, come into any of our 4 locations in Portland, Saco, Brunswick or Kennebunk and check out our selection.