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Essentials for Cycling - Repairing a flat on the road or trail

No one likes get a flat during their ride. But it happens. Be ready with the tools and know-how to get that flat changed and get yourself home. Here's everything you need to know. There are 4 items you need to change a punctured tube out on the road or trail: 1.) You need the correct size tube and valve for your bike. If you aren't sure about which size tube and valve your bike uses, give us a call and we can help. 2.) You'll need a set if tire levers to get the tire off the wheel so you can remove the old tube. You may also need to use to tire levers to reinstall the tire back onto the wheel when you are done. 3.) Whether you use a pump or choose to use compressed CO2, you're gonna need a way to get air into the new tube. And lastly... 4.) You'll need a bag to put the above items in so you can carry them with you on the bike. We've provided a handy video here to let you see all these items in action. Check it out!

Step 2: Tire Levers. Get a set of tire levers to remove the tire and the old tube.

Step 4: Saddle Bag. Choose a bag in which to carry it all on the bike.