Young Adult Season-Long Alpine Ski Lease - Only $249!

Parents... we've got you coverd!

So many parents have taken advantage of our Kids Season-Long Ski Lease over the years. But we've always reached a point where the kid's became young adults and we had to turn families away. NOT ANYMORE! Introducing Gorham Bike & Ski's Young Adult Season-Long Ski Lease. Set your teen, middle-schooler up with quality, expertly maintained equipment each year without the hassle of having to go to the swaps or hope that hand-me-down gear is safe and the right size. While supplies last. If you would like information about our Kids Season-Long Ski Lease for younger children, click here.

Leasing Benefits at Gorham Bike and Ski:
  • Avoid the long lines at the mountain's rental shop.
  • It's easy. We make the process simple.
  • Your child skis on the same, high-quality equipment for the entire season which will help ensure both safety and fun.
  • Rest assured your child will be on premium equipment that is properly sized and tuned.
  • Hundreds of dollars in savings. Every lesee gets the coupon to the right to help make sure that junior is dry and warm all winter long.

Lease Package includes:

  • Skis (Up to 180cm)
  • Boots (Up to 29.5 mondopoint, about a US 12)
  • Bindings
  • Premium equipment properly sized, prepped and tuned upon receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the equipment be properly fit?
At Gorham Bike and Ski, we've made it fast and easy to properly fit your child for ski leasing equipment.

What if my child's boot or ski size changes throughout the winter?
No problem! Just bring the original boots and skis in and, if we have the new size in stock, we'll swap them out at no charge.

When do I return the equipment?
All leased equipment must be returned by May 31. If you would like to return the equipment before May 31. that is not a problem. Be aware there is no-prorating of the leasing fee. All lease fees are non-refundable.

What if I forget to return the equipment?
When you lease the equipment, please be sure to provide an email address to our sales associate when reserving your lease gear. In May, we will send an email reminder to our lease customers reminding them of the May 31 deadline.