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8-Week Goal & Event-Specific Training Plans

We offer a great selection of training plans based on proven training methods and sports science that will help you improve your fitness and crush your goals. Use two or more of our plans to create a season-long training program! Not sure what's right for you? Contact the coach to ask questions...

All Training Plans Include...

  • FREE 8-week Premium TrainingPeaks Account to access your program and track your progress.
  • TrainingPeaks Mobile App (iOS and Droid) to view your workouts and training data fo on the go.
  • Email Workout Reminders
  • Email Support
  • Goal-specific workouts prescribed for power, heart rate and rate of perceived exertion.

Time Trial Preparation

If the race against the clock is your cup of tea, this 8-week program will get your pumps primed and ready and deliver you to race day ready to set a new PR. Note: this is NOT an appropriate program for multi-sport riders looking to improve their bike performance.

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Criterium Preparation

This 8-week cycling training program will get your metabolic systems ready to handle the repetitive nature of criterium racing. After completing this program of high aerobic and anaerobic repeatability-tuned workouts you’ll be ready to duke it out on the weekends and maybe even deliver the killer blow in the last lap.

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Hills? What hills?!

Conquer your fear of heights with this 8-week cycling program targeted at improving your performance when the road tilts up. You’ll never dread a hilly ride again.

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Unleash Your Sprint

A good sprint is more than max watts or max speed. Whether you want to improve you ability at the end of a race or just want to stack up better at your local Wednesday Night Worlds group ride, this 8-week cycling program will help you throw-down with more speed for longer.

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Cross Country Mountain Bike Preparation

The intensity and cadence specific demands of mountain biking are undeniable. Whether you are targeting a 90-minute to 2 hour cross country mountain bike race, be more competitive or crush you local strava segments or just want to improve your fitness for throwing down with your friends, this 8-week cycling program has everything you need to get you there.

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Cyclocross Preparation

This 8-week cycling program will help you prepare for the constant high-intensity, on/off, limited-rest nature of ‘cross racing. Don’t show up unprepared. During this program you’ll put your physical and mental fortitude to the test with anaerobic and high-aerobic intervals, balanced with adequate rest and solid dose of core and functional strength training to improve handling & stability and help prevent injury.

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